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Why I should go on the FTFD

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on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Why I should go on the FTFD

Work Experience
Global Guardian Officer
Status Update
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Why I'm dreaming of going on the Field Trip for Development!
would like to learn more about Unicef
need to be able to talk about personal experience with supporters
would love to share my experiences with my colleagues
looking forward to holding a presentation when I return
want to write a blog / photo report / yammer
Started Unicef in January 2014 as Assistant to the Director of Individual Giving
Changed roles and became the Global Guardian Officer in April 2015
Have immersed myself in Unicef life, from attending regular staff briefings;
Volunteering at lots of Unicef events
And even playing on the Unicef softball team! (Go Unicorns!)
Lucy Shared a Link
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What is a Global Guardian?
Why we need Regular Resources
My role - over 60 supporters in my caseload, more than 160 in the programme, events, briefings etc.
I will not be able to go on a trip
Though still expected to still have the same level of knowledge, to inspire supporters as other colleagues who do
Next year I will have a personal fundraising target
There's a gap :(
How will me visiting the field benefit Unicef UK and the world's children for years to come...
An avid interest in International Development particular African cultures; politics, economics and history
Would love to study an MA in Development Studies (one day) and hoping to go on the Global Development Course
Always learning - reading, twitter, news
Lives In
The Second Floor in the Major Donor Team, where you can find lots of cake, chocolate and big bucks coming in! £££
The Results:
Lucy Shared a Photo
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Lucy Bloxam's Profile
Improved confidence / knowledge / experience in every day conversations with supporters
Sharing inspiring stories, compelling messages
Ultimately, maximizing funds for children and putting children first!
Why I should go on the FTFD

I ran the Global Guardian Reception on 1 July, we had 30 guests and the aim of the evening was to cultivate prospects and bring them on board as Global Guardians. Lots of key conversations were around our work in the field and why unrestricted funding is so important
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