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Active and Passive Voice

No description

Makiya Bryant

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Active and Passive Voice

By: Makiya Bryant, Shreeya Wagley & Kristian Williams Passive and Active Voice Active Voice Ex 1) The boy bit his apple.
Ex 2) Lily kicked her chair.
Ex 3) Bob fell off his bike.
Ex 4) They pushed the grocery cart. Passive Voice Ex 1) The boy was bitten by the vampire.
Ex 2) The chair was kicked by Lily
Ex 3) The bike was destroyed by Bob.
Ex 4) Jenny had ate the cookie.
Ex 5) We were going to the movies. Examples: The subject does the action The subject is acted on by the verb. Examples Now you try !
Is this Active? Ex1) The girl jumped into the pool.
Ex2) Bob was going to the zoo.
Ex3) The car ran into the girl.
Ex4) I am reading the book Yes
Yes Now You Try !
Is this Passive? Ex1)The cat played with the yarn.
Ex2) The coffee mug was tilted over.
Ex3)John played football today. No
No Poem Time To help you remember passive and active voice here's a poem to help you remember!!! Verbs are everywhere here's two different kinds
Passive and active voice and here's how you'll find
The subject is always acted on the verb for passive voice, like " The man had eaten all of the five-year old's cake"
Active Voice is the exact opposite the subject always does the verb like '"The man is eating all of the five-year old's cake"
If you still have problems just remember passive is what the subject did and active is what the subject does
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