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Civics and Economics Chapter 2 Lesson 4

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Bryan Poepperling

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Civics and Economics Chapter 2 Lesson 4

Chapter 2:
Fundamental Political Principles

Lesson 4: The Amendment Process
Mr. Poepperling
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi

CE. 2d- The student will demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of American constitutional government by identifying the procedures for amending the Constitution of Virginia and the Constitution of the United States

Amending the Constitution
The Constitutional Amendments
The Amendment Processes Compared
The Process: Step By Step
Standards of Learning and Objectives
1. Students will be able to analyze and explain the process of amending the Constitution of the United States

2. Students will be able to analyze and explain the process of amending the Virginia Constitution

3. Students will be able to name at least three important amendments in the Bill of Rights section of the Constitution and five overall important amendments

Amending the Constitution of Virginia
Ticket out of the Door
- Step 1: 2/3 of Congress (both houses ) propose an amendment
- Or 2/3 of state legislatures ask to propose an amendment

- Step 2: 3/4 of state legislatures ratify (accept) the amendment
- Or 3/4 of special state conventions ratify (accept) the amendment
- The Virginia Constitution has been rewritten several times
- The current Constitution took effect in 1971

1. How can the Constitution of the United States be amended?

2. How can the Constitution of Virginia be amended?

3. Name at least three important amendments to the Constitution.

- Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution provides the process for amending the Constitution
- The process is complex

- At each step, the amendment must have a lot of support to move to the next step
- For this reason, amendments are hard to pass

- Thousands have been proposed over time, only 27 have been ratified
Bill of Rights

1. 5 Freedoms
2. Right to Bear Arms
3. No quartering troops
4. No unreasonable searches or seizures
5. Right remain silent
6. Right to a speedy trial
7. Right to a jury trial
8. No cruel or unusual punishment
9. Other rights of people not listed
10. Powers reserved for States or for the people
Amending the Constitution
of the United States
This method has never
been used yet!
This is how most Amendments
have been ratified
Only amendment ratified this way was the 21st amendment
Other Important Amendments

13. Slaves are free
14. Citizenship
15. African Americans can vote
18. No alcohol
19. Women can vote
21. Repealed #18
22. President= 2 terms
26. Voting age= 18
The Process: Step by Step
- An amendment can be proposed in two ways:
Step 1: Amendment is Proposed
Proposed by a majority vote in both houses of the General Assembly at two sessions in a row


Proposed at a state convention called by the General Assembly when requested by 2/3 of the members
*General Assembly = state legislature
- made up of House of Delegates and Senate
Step 2: Amendment is Ratified
- An amendment is ratified by a majority of Virginia voters in a general election
Amending the Virginia Constitution
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