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M.T.C Muslim Checking Team was thoght up by my brother, Mickle basically he was not happy with the current halal symbol, and wanted to find a better way to know if a food is halal or not, so me, him and my two friends Ali and Hassen, made the M.T.C

adam rashid

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of M.C.T

muslim checking team
The reason we think that muslims need a symbol to show if a food is halal, is because the current halal symbol is not trustworthy, as shown on this picture taken in London, halal pork loin ribs. And that's not the only one there are tons of foods that say that their halal when their not.
pig head
it says halal turkey
does this look like turkey to you?
or does it look like a heap of ham!
halal pork now that just doesn't sound right!
halal beef more like harm pork!
Now does any of that look halal to you? I didn't think so. we need is a symbol to show if a food is halal, that is actually trustworthy, unlike the current so called halal symbol. Muhammad Baqir Rashid thought of the M.C.T, muslim checking team basically its a team of highly trustworthy muslims, who go to the factory, restaurant, butcher shop, ect were the food is made and check if the food there is 100% halal, if so they will label it M.C.T, for to represent that it is undoubtedly 100% halal. Now me him and my two friends ali and hassen, are trying to make this dream a reality.

the halal way is the best way
hopefully some day
will see less of this
and more of this
these are some of the few halal meats that you can trust
Al Taqwa
you never see this happen with kosher or with vegetarians
so why does it happen with halal?

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