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Baka Tribe

No description

Abby Hendricks

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Baka Tribe

Baka Tribe Location of the Baka Tribe The location of the tribe influences how the tribe lives because the rain-forest is in their territory; so there's access to food, water and materials for weapons, shelter, and traditional clothing. Also part of their territory is on the ocean which give them fish, travel, and trade. population Language Estimated 30,000-40,000 The tribe shrinking slowly. I think it is hard to find the population of a nation because there are so few, or peope do not want to say. Traditions Rite of passage There are three main languages that the baka may speak.
1. Baka
2. Koozime
3. French The official language is Baka. I think there is an official language because then you can tell who is in your tribe and they want to show their own uniqueness and diversity. Their religion is mainly Animist, and after each successful hunt their is a dance to show thanks called Luma. There are drums involved and polyphonic.
Jengi is a rite of passage for a boy to become a man. this rite is kept secret.
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Citations Jengi is a rite of passage for a boy to become a man. this rite is kept secret.
This rite of passage for the men is to show the people that he is a man and is strong and fit to be a man and comcidered a man and have the rite of one. Current Issues Deforestation is destroying their food supplies, traditions and religion. Pictures Preperation for the Jengi, rite of passage, becoming a man. Traditional hut and family One method of carring their kills while hunting is still donw today. They can be found in the rainforests of Cameroon, northern parts of Gabon, northern parts of Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. What makes the Baka special is their skilled practice in traditional medicine. people all around the world come to the Baka people for traditional healing. Cameroon Gabon Republic of Congo Central African Republic The first is their religion so the purpose of that is it influences their everyday lives. After a successful hunt they give thanks by dancing and druming.
The second is a boy becoming a man this shows people of the tribe that this boy is now a man and can take responsibility as a man and be recignized as one among the people
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