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Voting Rights and how it changed

No description

Evan VA.

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Voting Rights and how it changed

People Involved African American African Americans Voting Rights Today How Voting Rights impacted others African American Women Evolution of Voting Rights Margaret Brent- demanded suffrage Angelina and Sarah Grimke- public speeches Women African American Fredrick Douglas- spoke to end slavery KKK-killed African Americans John F. Kennedy- African American rights 8/28/1963- Washington jobs and freedom Where/when it took place Susan B. Anthony-women's rights convention African American Maryland 1849-Harriet Tubman escapes slavery Women 1648-Margaret Brent legislature colonial 1848 Seneca Falls, NY- Stanton and Mott organize meeting Blacks and whites were treated differntly Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech Rosa Parks was arrested Women bad chance jobs Women picketed White House Many women arrested Women Whites terrible to blacks Blacks couldn't vote Whites not equal to blacks Suffrage- right to vote Women wanting right to vote Women weren't given right to vote Why it Occurred/causes Women Whites thought dark skin was bad Whites didn't think blacks should be treated the same Men thought they were superior to women Men fought in wars only they get right to vote By: Bobby Beck and Evan Van Aacken African Americans Women Blacks and whites are treated equally Women can vote as equally as black and white men and women What was bad about voting rights
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