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Badging the library: Are digital badges the next innovation?

ALIA conference presentation 2015, by Emily Rutherford with Katie Freund.

Katie Freund

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Badging the library: Are digital badges the next innovation?

Increasing demand for flexibility and online learning
New technologies, new ways of learning, new skills

ANU library moving from face-to-face classes to blended and online delivery of training
Breaking down intensive, comprehensive training into micro-skills
Students requested evidence of training done in addition to their core studies
Students need to demonstrate concrete skills acquired during research degrees that are more transparent to employers
Changes in library sector
Library badging in the U.S.
Micro-skills natural fit for libraries
Libraries as trusted institution lend value and credibility to badges
Receiving badges as incentive for engaging with library
Badging the Library
Our Badges
Are digital badges the next innovation for library skills and training?
Badging the library
Emily Rutherford & Katie Freund
Changes in library sector
What are digital badges?
Badging the library
Gamification in training
Badge design
Key issues and moving forward
What are badges?
Digital micro-credential
Can represent skills, achievements, experiences
Includes metadata about requirements and criteria
Shared in portfolios and/or social networks (LinkedIn)
Collaboration between Library, Research Skills and Training, and Digital Learning Project
Art by Carolyn Paplham, dreamscopedesigns.com
Audible app badges for engagement
Marketing and brand implications (e.g. logo)
Current training environment and institutional context
Who are the badges designed for?
Fun vs serious badges
Legal implications (e.g. privacy)
Requires specialised skills and dedicated resources
Support from senior management
Feedback and consultation with students
Design your system with privacy and legal in mind
Join badging communities and share skills
Our Team
Emily Rutherford - ANU Library

Katie Freund - ANU Online

Inger Mewburn - Research Skills

Heather Jenks - ANU Library
Get connected with...
Deakin Uni project -
MacArthur foundation -
Dartmouth Uni -
Curated links (thanks Joyce!)
OBANZ (Open Badges Australia & New Zealand)-
Badge Alliance -
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