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Racing Engineer

No description

Charles Herndon

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Racing Engineer

Introduction to career
Detail discription
A mechanical engineer is a person who works in mechanical stuff like cars or race cars. i am going to go to a college that specializes in engineering. i will work on race cars such as NASCAR or INDYCAR.
the tasks of being a mechanical/racing engineer is to fix and even innovate engines using science, mathematics.
Educational Requirements
i will need to graduate high school and go to a four year college that specializes in engineering Like A&M
mechanical engineer
By: Jarrett whisenant
Mr. Herndon

Skills Needed
Skills needed: you need to be physical fit and be healthy. you sometimes will be working underneath cars. you also need to know mathematics and science.
Salary range
sample job application
i have had experience working in an auto body shop when i was still in high school for a job to make money
Sample chronological resume
2016-2018 bob's auto repair
2018-2020 A&M engineering school
2020-present : NASCAR ENGINEER
dress for sucess
Personality traits
1. trustworthy
4.fast working
Sucess stories
one time i got a few mowing jobs and i made lots of money .
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