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To what extent should Canada provide refugee status to ALL p

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Taylor Misiulis

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of To what extent should Canada provide refugee status to ALL p

More money for tax payers. BY paying less taxes for the refugees of Canada, they save a ton of money from all the daily needs that refugees need. For example, the tax payers do not pay for housing, clothing, and food supply.
To what extent should Canada provide refugee status to ALL people who request it?
Lowering the benefits of being a refugee in Canada.
Our position is:
The taxpayers of Canada’s pay less taxes, or, these taxes go toward more benefits that deal with Canada

Reason #3
protect canadian citizens.
Reason #2
It could lower the amount of fake refugees in Canada.
Reason #1
Less criminals come to Canada from other countries. Fake refugees, who were criminals in there country, come to Canada (ex. ISIS) to cause harm to our civilization and will cause harm for there government also.

Example #1
Less taxes to be payed by canadian tax payers. Because the citizens of Canada pay taxes that support the refugees of this country. If we lower the amount of fake refugees in Canada, we also lower the amount of taxes to be payed, or our taxes go to better benefits.
Example #3
More benefits involved to the economy, such as they can build more businesses for more people to work instead of sponsoring fake refugees.

Less terrorism in Canada. Because claiming refugee status is easy, a lot of terrorists claim fake refugee status in order to cause harm to our country and our citizens.
Example #2
From terrorism of the refugees of other countries who could react from a situation. Terrorism is everywhere. There is a lot of terrorists coming into Canada saying they seek refugee from another country. If we lower the benefits, we lower the terrorism.
Example #2
Example #3
From spies from foreign countries who are trying to get into our security system, CSIS. CSIS, The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, is Canada's Security, if anyone hacks into CSIS, our country is basically doomed.
Mental patients and criminals come to Canada all the time. It is bad also even though we want to help them, we still spend money on psychiatric patients and that still comes out of the taxpayers. Also, we do not need anymore criminals in Canada because we have enough.

Example #3
More fair to the people of Canada. Because the tax payers have to pay money for a lot of fake refugees who just want a better life, and it is not fair to the actual Canadians who have a job and have to support people who just had a bad past life.
In conclusion, we should lower the benefits for refugees to avoid consequences all of the reasons listed above.

Taylor Misiulis
Damon McFadyen

Whitney Albert
Lindsey Kratko
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