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Cultural Imposition

No description

Danielle Passafiume

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Imposition

Cultural Imposition
By: Danielle Passafiume, Lauren Burrell, Sara Bissaillon, Jessica Freeh, Rory Carroll

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What is cultural imposition?
Medical Dictionary Definition: Cultural imposition is the tendency of a person or group to impose their values and patterns of behavior onto other persons.
Cultural Imposition from a Nursing Perspective
While a nurse's primary goal is to treat patients and promote health, we must also be aware of our own cultural views and how they may affect the way that we treat our patients
We must make sure not to allow our nursing diagnoses to be affected by our own cultural perspective
As a future nurse, how would you handle the following situation?
How is this cultural imposition?
Western culture dictates that the physical health of the individual comes above all else, including spiritual health
With this decision, the court is imposing this cultural ideal on someone who puts their spiritual health and the sanctity of their religion above their physical well being
Because we are the primary level of interaction for our patients, we should try to balance the cultural beliefs of our patients with our professional medical opinions, while at the same time being aware of how our own beliefs are affecting our judgements.
The LEARN model can help:

isten with sympathy and understanding to the patient’s perception of the problem, using a nonjudgmental manner that encourages dialogue.
xplain your perception of the problem.
cknowledge and discuss the differences and similarities between the two perceptions and build on the similarities.
ecommend treatment from a cultural perspective.
egotiate an agreement regarding treatment that incorporates cultural aspects.

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Alternative Medicine Practices
Patients may prefer to use alternative means to achieve their health goals. As nurses, we should strive to accommodate and integrate their use of alternative health practices into their treatment plans, as long as it does not interfere with the treatment plans.
Religious Practices
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