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Samsung Gaxaxy S5

No description

Tyler Grandal

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Samsung Gaxaxy S5

Founded in 1938 as a rice mill and trade company in Korea

Today one of the fasted growing and largest market share holders in the electronics industry.

2010 release of the Samsung Galaxy

Fast success in the smartphone market
Consumers' Connection to the Samsung Galaxy S5
Presented by:
Kayleigh Bader
Brandon Schy
Selina Pichardo
Tyler Grandal

Brand Overview
Brand Overview Cont.
Since the Introduction of the Galaxy it leads the smartphone market share with 25% over Apples 12%

Galaxy S5 Features/Design

Samsung's Marketing Mix



Samsung Positioning for Consumer Perception
Far more advanced than the iPhone

Colors used to Influence Consumers
Samsung CRM System
Samsung's Voice
Samsung's Target Audience
Marketing Mix
Brand Recommendations
Increase Brand Loyalty
Create their own "Steve Jobs"

Increase Environmental Consciousness

Create an Samsung operating system

Eliminates duplicate data

Tracks sales, marketing and customer data

Creates comprehensive reports based on user criteria

Analyzes and segments customers groups

Consolidates customer information from call centers, product registration, customer service, sales leads and special promotions into a single information pool.
Frequent Travelers

The "Camera Man"

Fitness Trackers
Price - Skimming Price

Product - Smart phones, Normal Phones

Promotion - Push and Pull Tactics

Place - Sales & Service Dealers, Modern Retail, and Distributors
Increase Brand Loyalty
Increase Environmental Consciousness
Create a Proprietary OS
Samsung's Strategy

Innovative Not Trendy

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