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I gots 99 problems but my PITCH aint one

Tips for completing your PITCH for Unit 29: Music Video Production

Scott Hayden

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of I gots 99 problems but my PITCH aint one

• Meaning
• Content
• Imagery
• Narrative
• Duration
• Pace
• Style
• Semiotics
• Performer’s style and image
• Video’s style and creative concept
•To achieve this part of U29/ P3 you need to originate and plan a Pitch for a specific music video production working within appropriate conventions that covers all 10 bullet points in brief detail with some assistance

•To achieve this part of U29/ M3 you need to originate and plan a Pitch for a specific music video production effectively and show some imagination that covers all 10 bullet points with examples with only occasional assistance

•To achieve this part of U29/ D3 you need to originate
and plan a Pitch for a specific music video production that covers all 10 bullet points with good examples to a technical quality that reflects near-professional standards, showing creativity and flair and working independently to professional expectations
The clarity of your voice
The tone of your voice
Your facial expressions
Your body language
Use of technical language
How you interact with the audience.

The PITCH will be recorded for evidence towards your grade for Unit 29 LO3 (P3/M3/D3).
•Ask Questions
•Answer Questions
•Respect others’ views
•How well you listen

You will also need to show you are able to communicate effectively whilst presenting:
Whilst preparing your Pitch consider the following points:
Prepare for your Pitch

Collaborate on Prezi or Haiku Deck and ensure ALL 10 bullet points have been included

In your production company, you have to prepare a group Pitch designed to persuade your artist/ band to use your production company’s idea to make a video for a selected track
Once you have received feedback from the judging panel you will then continue the Music Video process.

A bit like ‘The X Factor’ for video productions.

To prepare you for your Music Video Pitch


Make detailed Lecture Notes to ensure you are prepared for the Pitch

Understand and apply all 10 bullet points of the criteria to your Music Video idea

Begin to collaborate on your slides for the Pitch

In the Pitch I want to see what YOU contributed to your Groups idea
PLEASE use the bcotmedia 'dictionary' tag on my tumblr to remind yourself of Media Terminology e.g. Camera Shots
Please do not worry about getting anything wrong

If you are unsure of anything - say so on our Facebook page, Twitter using the hashtag #bcotvid, OR on Tumblr
For help/ revision/ advice - contact me online as Scott BCoTMedia
Please log on to Socrative

You can use your Mobile or the PC

Room no: 12527
You need to prepare and rehearse a Pitch using Prezi or Haiku Deck to present an analysis explaining to the judging panel how your production company will represent them in your music video:

Here are the 10 bullet points you need to cover

It is not too late to change your choice of track.

Speak to me if you want to do this...
What is the meaning of your music video idea?

What IDEOLOGY (values/ thoughts/ beliefs) are you showing to the audience?
Is there any hidden meaning?
What made your group make these choices?
Do NOT use the word 'random' to describe your ideas.

'Random' means 'every possibility is equally likely'

It does not mean something unusual, weird, or, I'm-too-lazy-to-use-proper-English-to-describe-it
What is actually in your Music video e.g.

Dance scene
Action scene

Outline what content is going to be used.
What adjectives (describing words) would you use to describe the Imagery in your Music Video?

Documentary style?

Give examples - what images will we see?
Imagery of 'Old Valentine' =

Black and white
Silent Comedy
Nightmare/ Dream
Elliptical (missing parts out) editing
Barthes believed that a text has many meanings.

To Roland, each of media is 'a galaxy of signifiers' which can be interpreted in many ways...
Levi-Strauss (Lev-ee Strouse)
Barthes argued that a text is like a ball of thread 'waiting to be un-ravelled' ...

You can pull on the obvious thread


You can pull on several, hence the different meanings we take from stories
Barthes also identified several different types of narrative codes. The most relevant being…

Actions that allow the audience to interpret and identify what is to come

Enigmas make the audience ask questions e.g. Why did that happen?

When you combine ACTION CODES and ENIGMA CODES you can drive the plot forward.
Levi Strauss argued that all narratives have in them a necessary conflict to drive the plot forward

He called these BINARY OPPOSITES

Man V Machine
Good V Evil
Young V Old
Cowboys V Indians
Light V Dark
Jocks V Geeks
Past V Future

Levi Strauss argued that these opposites create powerful levels of meaning within a text and can summarise its theme.
Todorov’s theory can be summed up in 3 stages…

1. EQUILIBRIUM – beginning of a story/ balance/ all is well

2. DIS-EQUILIBRIUM – something happens to disrupt the order

3. NEW EQUILIBRIUM – A return or restoration of balance
How long will your music video be?

Will you have skits/ sketches before/ during/ after?

Will you use only some of the song? (3 minute minimum is needed)
Will you use a slow, measured, or quick pace?

Will you cut to the beat?

Will it match the music? If so, how?
Describe the style you are going for...

Are you influenced by any TV, Game, Film, Music etc

Could be a Director, Artist, or Genre
eg 'We are going for a Lady Gaga meets Tim Burton aesthetic'
We will learn about this in a lecture next week


Signifier/ Signified
Subjective Signifier
Objective Signifier
Do your research on your Artist

What is their style/ image?

Are you going to be continuing it or subverting it?
Tell us YOUR production teams idea

Sell us your idea

Why is it a good idea?
REMEMBER - you can find lots of tips and advice on our blog:

I have designed the MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCER project so you can cover much of the criteria in lectures but....we are now moving in to a task which asks you to be more proactive outside of lectures to achieve the grades.
Create a Prezi or Haiku Deck account and edit as a Production team
For this bullet point I want your Production team to tell me which of the following theories relates to your idea..
Any questions about the coursework - message me
You need to know the song well

Download it.
Listen to it.
Learn the rhythms of it.
Read the lyrics.

Which of these Narrative theories does your music video idea use?

Make a note on your now
Please find and share a video of a great communicator and tweet it using the tag #bcotvid
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