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Element Project By: Redgem G. and Joan-Grace C.

Joan-Grace Camat

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Sulfur

Sulfur Discovery Date of Discovery: 1777
Name of Person: Antoine Lavoisier
(He proved that it was an element, not a compound). WHAT IS SULFUR? Sulfur is an element that is found on the periodic table. It is a bright yellow substance that is brittle and odourless. Chemically, sulfur can react as either an oxidant or reducing agent. On the periodic table of elements, sulfur is considered a non-metal. STRUCTURE Number of Protons: 16
Number of Electrons: 16
Number of Neutrons: 16.1
Ion Charges: -2 +4 +6 by: Joan-Grace and Redgem Essentials Atomic symbol: S
Name: Sulfur
Mass: 32.1
Ion Charges: -2 +4 +6
Atom Structure:
protons: +16
electrons: -16
neutrons: 16.1 GROUPING It's in the non-metal group. Sulfur belongs in Group 16 (The Oxygen Family). The reason why it is placed in there because it is not able to conduct
a lot of energy and because it's brittle. Everyday Uses Sulfur can be found in COAL GUN POWDER HOT SPRINGS NATURAL GAS In nature, it can be found in METEORITES VOLCANO INSECTICIDES Interesting Facts Sulfur makes up almost 3% of the earth’s mass. If you think that’s not much, next time you look to the sky and see the moon, think of this: the earth contains enough sulfur to make not just one new moon, but two! Sulfur burns with a very satisfying blue flame – its old name is brimstone, which means ‘burn stone’ or ‘stone that burns.’ Penicillin is a natural, sulfur-based antibiotic. 16 S 2-
6+ Sulfur 32.1
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