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Death Can Be Fun!

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on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Death Can Be Fun!

Death Can Be Fun!
Sick Jokes
What's funnier than a dead baby?
a. Anything. Dead babies aren't funny.
b. Two dead babies?
c. A priest, a rabbi and a lawyer
d. None of the above
Death in Music
Celebrating Death
Death Ed
Instead of fearing death, some cultures celebrate.
A Band Called DEATH
Some bands not only write about death but just go right for it and include death in their band name.
DEATH(The punk and the metal band)

Leo Tolstoy
William Faulkner
Emily Dickinson
Ernest Hemingway
Sylvia Plath

Death in Poems and Writings
Edgar Allan Poe
"The Masque of the Red Death"-conveying an age old message: the futility of trying to escape from death's clutches.

"Spirits of the Dead"- Telling the tale of earth bound spirits that are taunted by the heavens above.

"The Conquerer

Worm"-in this poem he presents human life as a theatrical spectcle, where eventualy the mad, tormented horror shows climaxes when all of the actors end up as worm dirt.
Top Ten Songs Played at a Funeral
10. "Unforgettable"- Nat King Cole

9."My Heart Will Go On"-Celine Dion

8."We'll Meet Again"-Vera Lynn

7."You'll Never Walk Alone"-Gerry and the Pacemakers

6."You Raise Me Up"-Westlife

5."Angels"-Robbie Williams

4."Over The Rainbow"-Eva Cassidy

3."Wind Beneath My Wings"-Bette

2."Time To Say Goodbye"-Sarah Brightman

And The #1 Song Played at a Funeral is:

Dia de los Muertos
Willie, with a thirst for gore,
Nailed the baby to the door.
Mother said, with humor quaint:
"Willie dear, don't spoil the paint."
Death is a subject that most people are humorless about. There are some out there who dare to crack a joke.
This Mexican holiday serves as a time of remembrance for deceased loved ones. It also helps to lift the taboo on the subject of death.
Altars are set up and covered with the deceased's favorite food, drink and possessions.
The spirits of the dead return the evening of November 1st and return to the afterlife the evening of the 2nd.
The Celtic people recognize this holiday as the day that the spirits of their loved ones return home to feast.
It is the day that spirits, good or evil, are able to cross easily into the world of the living
Calan Mai
This Welsh holiday celebrates the first of May
Church yards, crossroads and stiles are to be avoided due to the spirits congregating.
The Only Places Where Death Returns To Life....
National Museum Of Funeral History
Exhibits 12 in total some are revolving other are permenant this allows the NMFH to stick to Robert L. Waltrip, dream of preserving and teaching the History of Funeral Industry to the masses.
Are you Coffin Or A Casket Man?
Museum Of Death
The World Famous Museum of Death was founded in June, 1995, originally located in San Diego's 1st mortuary in a building once owned by Wyatt Earp. Evolving from the controversial art gallery the Rita Dean, founders JD Healy and Cathee Shultz realized the void in the death education in this country and decided to make death their life's work.

Museum Of Death Attractions
How Much Do you Love Murder?
Reopened in Hollywood, California, the Museum of Death houses the world's largest collection of serial murderer artwork, photos of the Charles Manson crime scenes, the guillotined severed head of the Blue Beard of Paris (Henri Landru), original crime scene and morgue photos from the grisly Black Dahlia murder.
Museuem Of Mourning At Arlington
Arlington Cemetery established a permanent Museum of Mourning Art dedicated to the study of beliefs and rituals that surround the arts of dying and grieving. The collection, located in the Mount Vernon office, belongs to a cemetery where death has been regarded as both spiritual and historical. The Mount Vernon office, modeled after George Washington's beloved Virginia home, has historical significance since it was Washington's death that inspired early American settlers to create and invest in mourning art.
The Museum of Mourning Art houses original objects that tell the story of death in emblems. These are familiar symbols such as an angel, the Lamb of God, wreath, urn and stages of life. Appearing on various art forms most popular between the 17th and 19th centuries, they adorn books, paintings, jewelry, gates, and clocks.

One of the more unusual artifacts in the Museum is a cemetery gun. At the time, physicians and artists stole bodies from new graves for their studies. Acting as a night watchman, the cemetery gun was rigged to go off if someone tripped over it in the graveyard. It was eventually outlawed in England due to the innocent people it shot.
Death Gun Good Or Bad
Six Feet Under
Death on TV
Bob's Burgers
Best Funeral Ever: Golden Gate Funeral Home
Reality TV
The Best Quote!
Herman Feifel, Pioneer
- The Meaning of Death
A Collection of essays written by 21 scientist and theologians published in 1959. This groundbreaking book is universally credited for jump-starting the modern "Death Awareness" movement.

Death in the Movies
-"Le Manoir du Diable" or "The House of the Devil"
-FIlmed by Georges Melies of France in 1896
First Horror Movie on Record
Death in the movies...
Rambo First Blood Part II- 1985

xXx -2002

Gi Joe 2013

The Hangover Part II- 2010


- By the mid-1960s, death related courses begin to pop up in universities nationwide. Before long, the death field had its own journal (Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying), think tank (the Center for Death Education and Bioethics at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse), professional organization (the Association for Death Education and Counseling), and regular national and regional conferences.
Death Studies
- "The Pornography of Death" (Geoffry Gorer, Essay; 1955)

-The American Way of Death (Jessica Mitford)

-"Death Education" (Charles and Donna Corr, Essay; Vol. 1 of "The Handbook of Death and Dying")

-"Death Education For All" (J.E. Knotts, Essay;
"Dying, Facing The Facts")
Read Em' And Weep
Learning new things can be frightening
Proof that nothing is sacred anymore.
Death and Sex
-French phrase meaning "The Little Death", has long been used to describe an orgasm. Similarly, in Elizabethan England, "to die" meant to have a sexual climax, the equivalent to our slang expression "to come".
-It was a common belief that men were born
with a limited amount of "vital fluid" and
that every orgasm deprived him of a day
of his life.
-(21 March 1999, Bucharest) First division Romanian soccer midfielder Mario Bugeanu, 24, and Mirela Iancu, 23, couldn't wait to make love on Sunday. As soon as the car was parked, they consummated their passion. They died from carbon monoxide poisoning shortly thereafter, inside the vehicle they left running in the garage during their liaison.

-(9 May 1999, Mexico) A young Mexican couple were found dead in the back of a hearse. Jose, 23, employed by the Perez Diaz funeral home in Campeche, met Ana Maria on Saturday for a romantic tryst in his hearse. He parked in a warehouse and left the engine running to provide air conditioning.

In the enclosed location, the carbon monoxide-laden exhaust fumes seeped into the vehicle, fatally poisoning the couple. Their bodies were found when Ana Maria's mother initiated a search for her missing daughter.
- (24 June 2007, USA)Reverend Gary Aldridge, of Montgomery's Thorington Road Baptist Church, died June 24, 2007 from "accidental mechanical asphyxia"; he was "found hogtied, wearing two complete wet suits, including a face mask, diving gloves and slippers, rubberized underwear, and a head mask.

-(04 June 2009, Thailand) David Carradine died from accidental asphyxiation. He was found hanging from a rope in the closet of his hotel room, and medical examiners found
evidence of a recent orgasm.

-(June 1999, Florida) Okeechobee County investigators believe the death of Bryan, 28, was related to his wife's habit of stomping rabbits and mice for sexual pleasure. Stephanie, 29, was sentenced to two years of probation and community service for the death of her husband Bryan, who was found in a pit with a board over his body, crushed beneath the rear wheel of his sports utility vehicle.

Stephanie did not deny that she drove over her husband, but in her own defence she released tapes to the police showing her stomping small mammals to death. She was identified by a cryptic tattoo on her lower leg.

Sex Deaths, Darwin Style
La Petit Mort
So Awesome..
Dead Or Alive?
The Dead Book
Hey..Look On The Bright side...
Songs about losing loved ones:

"Paint It Black"-Rolling Stones

"Tears In Heaven"- Eric Clapton

"The Crossroads"-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

"Candle In the Wind"-Elton John
Songs addressing death:
"Dust In The Wind"-Kansas

"(Don't) Fear The Reaper"- Blue Oyster

"Fade To Black"-Metallica

"Knockin On Heaven's Door"-Bob Dylan
Songs pertaining to funerals:
"Fancy Funeral"-Lucinda Williams

"The Funeral"-Band Of Horses

"The Funeral Party"-The Cure

"At Your Funeral"-Saves The Day
Death's Playlist
And the #1 Song is:
The #1 Song is:
The National Museum of Funeral History was founded in 1992 by Mr. Robert L. Waltrip, who spent 25 years dreaming of an institution which would educate the public and preserve the heritage of death care.
The night before is an Ysbrydnos or "spirit night"
Bonfires are lit
Spirits are about and divination is possible
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