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ePortfolio a Teacher's Kaleidoscope

No description

Alma Loreaux

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of ePortfolio a Teacher's Kaleidoscope

Teacher ePortfolio
ePortfolio as a Kaleidoscope
What will work for me?
in action
always present
evaluation space
time to ask new questions
delve further
be curious
imagination space
tell others about current ideas
celebrate success and shine
discuss broken Kaleidoscope pieces
piece ideas together
share excitement
invite others to view
seek comments
engage in conversation
share, plan, reflect
Google Docs
great starting point for beginners
ability to reflect, collaborate
limited if you are seeking socially accessible and visible feedback
could make use of comments
try Google Templates
organise your work in Drive - folders
present in Docs
a fabulous way to journal as you go
able to receive comments and feedback
able to invite others to co-write
embed multimedia and Docs easily
ability to tag
use widgets for added fun
organise into sections
promote on Twitter, Google+ etc
try Blogger, Wordpress, Edublogs etc.
Google Sites
great for advanced users
present content and ideas in a larger website space
takes time to set up conceptually and technically
invite others to participate on the whole site or sections of it
can be used by other teachers you work with
embed multimedia, widgets and a lot more
create beautifully presented ePortfolios
share with anyone
invite co-writers
feedback can't be given on individual sections, rather the entire presentation, unless you create a multitude of Prezis
where are you at now?
how do you intend to use your ePortfolio?
what is the core purpose?
who will you share it with?
is there a metaphor you might like to use for your ePortfolio?
how will the audience connect and interact with your ideas?
Less is More
keep it simple
use what works for you at this moment
explore a new idea as it comes along
start small and see where it takes you
ePortfolio Tools
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