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Jess and Sania- India and Brazil

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Jess and Sania- India and Brazil

By Jess Garbett and Sania Gonsalves
Brazil's Human Characteristics
Brazil's Environmental Characteristics
India's agriculture includes wheat, rice, pulses, cotton, peanuts, bananas, papayas, mangoes, potatoes onions and cauliflowers. Their three main exports are petrol, packaged medicine and jewellery. India's built environment is very cluttered and it's made up of lots of temples, tall buildings, long roads, very patterned buildings and very old buildings. India's three favourite sports are Cricket, Tennis and Football.
India's Human Characteristics
India is located in Asia in the Northern Hemisphere. It is North-West of Australia and shares it's North-Eastern border with China. The average rainfall is 1,210mm annually. The driest month is January which has 17mm of rain. The wettest month is August which has an average of 175mm of rain. The hottest month is February with an average of 25.4'c. The coldest month is July with an average of 22.4'c. India's landscape is made up of forests along the South-Western border and lots of mountains. It has lots of water, beaches, trees and coconut trees. It also has lots of grassland.
India's Environmental Characteristics
Brazil's agriculture includes coffee, soybeans and beef and their main exports are iron ore, soybeans and petrol. Brazil's built environment is very cluttered. It's made up of houses, tall buildings, and lots and lots of people.The three most popular sports are Soccer, Volleyball and Mixed Martial Arts.
India's Rainfall and Climate Graphs
Brazil's Climate and Rainfall Graphs
India on the world map
Brazil is located in South America in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil is in the Western direction from Australia. Brazil's hottest month is March with 29.9'c. Brazil's coldest month is January about 19.4'c. Brazil's wettest month is June with 125mm of rain on average. Brazil's driest month is March with 17mm of rain on average. Brazil's landscape is high mountains, islands, lots of trees, forests and water.
Brazil on the world map
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