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No description

Talya Blatt

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of ESP

Is there perception without sensation?
Parapsychologists study evidence of psychological phenomena to understand paranormal activities.
Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is extremely controversial and continuously debated. Those who support ESP believe perception can occur apart from sensory input.
Examples of paranormal phenomena
Out-of-body experience
Communication with the dead
Astrological predictions
Types of ESP
telepathy= mind-to-mind communication

clairvoyance= perceiving remote events

precognition= perceiving future events

telekinesis/ psychokinesis= moving remote objects through mental processes/ not really ESP
So are such perceptions possible????
Daryl Bem says yes.
Harvard researchers say No.
What do you think?
What does your horoscope say about you?

Do you agree?

Let's come up with examples for each!
Do you think you are psychic?
I need 3 volunteers!
Sensation/ Perception Quiz TUESDAY 12/12
Tuesday November 25, 2014
Is there perception without sensation?
PDN: Read article

Homework: Open-note quiz Wednesday Dec. 3rd
Aim: Is perception without sensation possible?

PDN: What are your thoughts on the Long Island Medium?

Homework: QUIZ next Tuesday 12/12
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