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No description

Megan Komp

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Debate

Lincoln-Douglass Style Debate
Format and "How To"
Make a list of everything you think of when you hear the word "debate."
Just for Fun...
Why Debate?
Discuss with your table the importance of debate when it comes to politics and electing a new president.
In ELA...
Lincoln-Douglass Style Debates:
*2 vs. 2

Possible Topics:
*Legalizing marijuana*School uniforms*Vaccinations*Mandatory health insurance*NSA surveillance*Gun control*Police body cameras*Illegal immigration*Standardized testing*Year-round schooling
Step 1:
Affirmative Constructive Speech
(6 minute speech)- introduce your topic and provide support/evidence

Step 2:
Negative Cross-Examination
(3 minutes)- point out flaws in the affirmative speech
-present questions to the affirmative
Step 3:
Negative Constructive Speech and 1st Rebuttal
(4 minute speech + 3 minutes = 7 minutes)- introduce your topic and provide support/evidence
-respond to affirmative's questions
Step 7:
Affirmative 2nd Rebuttal
(3 minutes)- respond to negative's questions
-defend case/final words
Step 4:
Affirmative Cross-Examination
(3 minutes)- point out flaws in the negative speech
-present questions to the negative
Step 6:
Negative 2nd Rebuttal
(6 minutes)- respond to affirmative's questions
-defend case/final words
Step 5:
Affirmative 1st Rebuttal
(4 minutes )- respond to negative's questions
-defend your case
Two Sides:
- for the topic

- against the topic
ELA Time Requirements (minimum)
Step 1: 2 minutes
Step 2: 1 minute
Step 3: 2 minutes
Step 4: 1 minute
Step 5: 1 minute
Step 6: 2 minutes
Step 7: 1 minute
Pick Topics (you may vote six times total):
1. Legalizing marijuana
2. School uniforms
3. Vaccinations
4. Mandatory health insurance
5. NSA surveillance
6. Gun Control
7. Police body cameras
8. Year-round school
9. Illegal immigration
10. Standardized testing

Assigning Groups to Topics/Positions:
Topic 1:
For Against

Topic 2:
For Against

Topic 3:
For Against

Topic 4:
For Against

Topic 5:
For Against

Topic 6:
For Against
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