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Ancient Greek Culture in Antigone

Worn Toga outfits Never leave a body unbury always pour a ritual wine on the site

Jonathan Barricks

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Culture in Antigone

Ancient Greek Culture in Antigone Clothing in Anciect

Greece Rituals in Anciect Greece wealthier you were the more elaborate your final resting place they celebrated life, death, and afterlife. "Antigone, sister of the dead man, despite the adviceof her sisterIsmene,performs the rite and haled before Creon." "sealed up by Dionysus in deaf stone, His madness died among echoes " There is more than a little truth in Creon' mocking comment that Hades is "the one God" she worships." " O Oedipus, father and brother." "Someone has given it burial that way and Gone...." " Nor, seeing what I see, keep back my tears." " O prince of maened Thebes and the Dragon field by rippling Ismenus."
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