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The Art of Buy and Selling Stocks

A small seminar for your enjoyment.

Beth Anderson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of The Art of Buy and Selling Stocks

The Art of Buying and Selling Stocks Buy Rules Current quarterly Earnings Per Share should increase a minimum of 25%.
Annual EPS growth for the past three years should be at least 25% to ensure it's not a flash in the pan.
Chart pattern has created a sound base. General Rules IPO within the last eight years
New product or management
ROE at least 17%
Sales growth at least 25%
Relative Strength at least 80%
Top 50 industry groups Chart Patterns Good Patterns
cup with handle
double bottom
high tight flag Patterns to avoid
wide and loose structures
head and shoulders pattern Sell Rules Always sell if down 7-8% from purchase price
Significant slowdown in EPS growth
General market in correction
Signs of distribution
Longterm trendline is broken on overwhelming volume
Living below the 10-week average.
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