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Astellas: Organ Cloning

Kristina, Nermin, and Sylvia

Sylvia Karpio

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Astellas: Organ Cloning

Organ Cloning Possible Benefits of Therapeutic Cloning Development of understanding of stem cells
No organ donor
Patients would not die on the waiting list, since organs could be made as needed
The organ would be brand new so it would be fully functional.
There would be no rejection, and therefore no immunosuppresants. Possible Problems with Therapeutic Cloning Pro-life supporters think therapeutic cloning is murder. By: Sylvia Karpio, Kristina Grandi, and Nermin Aly What Exactly is Organ Cloning? The Use of Embryo cells to grow new organ tissue. Adult stem cells are used
The tissue grown from the specific adult
stem cells from specific organs would then...
1) be provoked to grow into a full new organ

2) the organ would be regenerated by
inserting the tissue formations into
the malfunctioning organ or tissue.
Scientists are trying to generate custom stem cells for the transplant patients, therfore making it a far less chance of rejection than regular transplant surgeries. This can reduce te amount of immunosuppresants a transplant patient gets, which can be convenient:
less expenses
less stress always trying to remember to take the medication
most importantly, less side effects due to the immunosuppresants. Any type of surgery is potentially painful There are always risks Giving life to someone can enable
them potentially give life to another Astellas' global status is being threatened because the patent for Prograf expired. They are seeking from us advice to find the best possible alternative to organ transplantation. Scientists are working on this Some risk of stem cells mutation and rejection. It can take up to 100 eggs to create one efficient stem cell line. Extracting eggs is painful. (How Stem Cells Work) good night!!!
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