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Wuthering Heights

Introduction to Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte

Megan Carpenter

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte Published under pseudonym Ellis Bell a ficticious name used by a person or group to conceal their identity; often called a pen name when used by writers. Famous examples: Mark Twain and Lemony Snicket Born on 30 July 1818 in Yorkshire, England
Daughter of Irish clergymen Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell
Mother died of cancer when she was 3
She and 4 sisters went to Clergy Daughter’s School
2 sisters died of tuberculosis while they were in school

Entertained herself with works from Shakespeare,
Virgil, John Milton, and the Bible Wuthering Heights was the only book Emily Bronte had published.
She died a year later.
Depressing much? Heathcliff It's cooler than it sounds 1939 Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture Death Cab for Cutie- "Cath" Characterized as a vampire and an "imp of Satan"
In love with Catherine
Byronic Hero
Totally evil and totally messed up
Numerous polls have voted him literature's most romantic hero, which says a lot about the kind of men we like – tortured, brooding, and obsessive (shmoops.com)
He is swarthy, lonerish, and little demonic, but definitely sexy. (shmoops.com)
Edward are you in there? Cathy Oh how we hate her.... She's a ghost- well, sometimes
She's a tease and a gold digger
She can be a bit bi-polar
She must choose between the one she truly loves or the "safer" choice
Oh! Hello Bella Swan; I almost didn't see you there. Edgar Totally nice guy
Totally gets screwed and beaten- literally
Totally not a werewolf...or anything cool...at all

Themes Revenge Love Family The Supernatual Suffering Society and Class Foreignness Betrayal A tibdit from Shmoop Concerned that you won't like Wuthering Heights? Think you'll get bored reading a book that's over 150 years old? Before you give up on Emily Brontë's one and only novel, ask yourself a couple questions:

•Do you like creepy stories about haunted houses?
•How about stories with elaborate revenge schemes?
•Are you a fan of Edward Cullen, from Twilight? (Because before there was Edward, there was Heathcliff.)
•Do you believe in soul mates?
•Are you sick of reading stories where the girl ends up with a Prince Charming or a Romeo?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we're willing to bet that once you pick up Wuthering Heights, you won't be able to put it down. It's gonna be hot Sorry Jacob :(
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