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Industrial Revolution: The Tale of Edmund Cartwright

No description

Michael Runyon

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution: The Tale of Edmund Cartwright

Industrial Revolution:
The Tale of Edmund Cartwright

The Plot
Edmund Cartwright is the man who made factories. The game will be about how he started to raise money and hired children to work for him. As he whipped them to get to work, and made it so they would always do want he wanted, when he wanted it.
The Grand Opening
Edmund Cartwright finally opened the factory, he had one thousand dollars left over, this is what you start with. In the game, you are Edmund Cartwright. You have to progress though the game by buying children to work, and raising your way to One Million Dollars. Then you can either chose to retire and sell the factory, or keep going til you you make Ten Million, which will take a while, and unlock other difficulties.
The Children and Production Rate
When you get Children, they will come with a Production Rate, and the Production Rate will help you. The higher the rate, the faster you raise money, but the children could catch a disease, or rebel from work. If they catch a disease, you could choose to send them to the hospital, and lose the child's rate for three days, and pay the hospital bill. Or don't send them and they will die, and you will have to shut down the factory for one day, for a funeral where you lose one thousand dollars.
The Children and Production Rate (cont.)
Then if they rebel, you can choose to either whip them, and have them hurt, which is a production rate loss, and if you whip them three times, they will start bleeding, where like the diseases, you could either send them to the hospital, or keep them working, to eventually die. The second option is to let them of with a warning by intimidating them, and the third option to leave them alone. But it could cause them them to get mad and throw a punch at you, where you are forced to make him bleed with the whip, or it will allow them to calm down and say sorry and get back to work
At one million...
Go for ten million!
When you get to one million dollars, you have a choice to either sell the factory and retire, or keep going 10 million dollars. If you make it to 10 million dollars, you can play it at the next difficulty, so you start at easy, the normal, hard, and the toughest one, Brutal. Where if you make it past there, you can retire for good, and finally complete the game.
People will come by the factory. They will ask for either money or some free stuff. You can choose to give them it, and gain more popularity, so that people will want to buy more of your stuff, giving you a 1.5x boost in money for two days, or turn them down, making the kids intimidated and work faster for the rest of the day.
When you have the factory, you have machines for the children to work at, you can choose to pick a station for each kid to work at. This will be there station til the end of the game, or there death.
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