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1984 Book 2 (Chapters 1-4)

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Jasintha Kaneshakumar

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of 1984 Book 2 (Chapters 1-4)

1984-Book 2 (Chapters 1-4)
By: Adam, Jasintha, Tonya and Parez.

Chapter 1
-Winston walks towards the men’s room and he sees the dark haired girl.

-She falls and Winston helps her up; she hands him a note reading: I love you.

-After several days, Winston manages to sit at the same lunchroom table as her and they plan a meeting at victory square.

-The girl gives Winston directions to a place.
At Victory square, this was the first time they were able to hold hands briefly.

Chapter 3
-Next day, Julia plans their preparations to head back to London.

-Julia tells Winston about living in a hostel with thirty other girls and her first sexual encounter.

-Winston also tells Julia about his ex-wife Katherine including that he had thoughts of pushing her off a cliff.

Chapter 4
-Winston rented a room in Mr.Charrington’s shop for his affair with Julia.

-Winston and Julia were busy with preparing for Hate week; and they rarely get to see each other.

-Julia brings sugar, coffee and bread (stuff only people of the Inner Party can get their hands on)

-Later, Julia sees a rat and that is Winston’s biggest fear.

-Julia sees the paperweight and Winston tells her that it’s a link to the past.

Chapter 2
-Winston and the girl meet in the countryside.

-She tells him a little bit about herself including that she is part of the Junior Anti-sex league.

-They move into the inner part of the woods and make love.

-Winston soon learns that she has had lots of experience in sex because she reveals that she has intercourses with people in the party.

Key Quotations and Ideas
-“She did not understand that there was no such thing as happiness that the only victory lay in the far future, long after you were dead, that from the moment of declaring war on the party, It was better to think of yourself as a corpse.”-page 142

-Winston finds out that going against the party or overturning then would come at a high cost and it’s not going to happen soon. Example of foreshadowing.

-Winston and Julia are both rebellious and hate Big Brother.

-Winston is rebellious because he cares about the issues that concern him, and he writes them down in his diary.

-Julia is rebellious by having sexual intercourses with the members even when she knows that its wrong.

-His feelings towards Julia is evolving from utter hatred and blood lust to a very intimate, passion driven crime against the state that finally turns into feelings.

Important symbols and images
-Julia’s scarlet anti-sex waist sash: it represents her devotion to the party. It is also a symbol of not being in any sexual relations (chastity).

-Paperweight: a link to the past and Winston imagines it as the room with Julia in it fixed in eternity.

-Rat: symbolizes a form of torture that the Party uses later in the novel.

-The dark haired girl falls and the note reads “I love you.” this gives Winston the desire to live.

-Page 115-”At the sight of the words I love you ; the desire to stay alive had welled up in him and the taking of minor risks suddenly seemed stupid.”

-Winston’s priorities are changing and nervous tension is building.

-Page 114: “ Although, he knew the danger of showing too much interest, he could not resist reading it once again, just to make sure the words were really there. For the rest of the morning, it was very difficult to work.”

-Julia and Winston are at Victory square (there were telescreens but a lot of people) where they plan the location in which they will meet, and they see Eurasian prisoners passing by.

-Page 121, “A long line of trucks, with wooden-faced guards armed with sub-machine-guns standing upright in each corner, were passing slowly down the street. In the trucks little yellow men in shabby greenish uniforms were squatting, jammed close together.”

Characters Evolution
-Winston- Book 1: He was fearful and his hate for Big Brother was a huge deal. Book 2: Julia brings him out of his shell and Big Brother is not much of a priority. Secretive and rebellious behavior is his character.

-He found sanctuary from the party: Mr. charrington’s room (no telescreens, party members, prole area and no reason to fear the thought police.

-Julia is more optimistic than Winston. Page 142: "we are the dead," he said. "we're not dead yet," said Julia prosaically.

Orwell’s Vision
He is giving people a heads up on a possibility that their government has the potential power of turning into this!

-He is trying to say that this type of government is never good for society. People's rights and freedoms are easily taken away!

-The government can easily psychologically manipulate and control their minds; this undermines someone’s ability to think for themselves.

-Technology also plays a huge role because it helps the party to catch people effectively. Technology is something that is entertaining but could also be used for evil.

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