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The Book Covers of Catcher in the Rye

No description

Caroline Bokoch

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Book Covers of Catcher in the Rye

The Book Covers of "Catcher in the Rye"
By: Caroline Bokoch
1951, Little Brown

Michael Mitchell
carousel symbol in abstract format
marks Holden's development
Russian Covers
1st: shows inner turmoil, abstract
2nd: art piece by Rene Margitte called "The Human Condition"
Fanmade Covers
Usually depict what the reader sees as the most important part of the book
there's no intention to market this so its raw
covers are meant to catch the reader's attention and provoke thought on the story
published covers went through different phases
foreign covers show the different interpretations
fan mande covers generally use wider range of wymbols and scenes
all covers are unique in style and in what they are communicating to the reader
Salinger's views
Wanted no visuals, simply the title and his name
due to an earlier problem with a publisher where one of his character was portrayed wrongly
1953, Signet
New artist, James Avoti
No specific scene, but clearly identifies Holden and where he is
contains a warning on the front
1951, Hamish Hamilton
British edition
Realistic style of carousel scene
contrasts to the chaos in the other version
1966, Bantam
follows same color scheme
abides to Salinger's wish for covers to have no visuals
1958, Penguin
no visuals
does have the same color scheme as previous covers
1969, Penguin Modern Classics
very different from previous covers
simply adds a classy touch
simple center image of Holden with his red hat
also uses red like the American publishers did
Holden is in traditional Chinese clothing, and has a red hat with rye growing out of it
mixed with the Chinese culture to attract the audience
1st: 1971, abstract
2nd: modern, concise and simple
Wilbur Dawburn
Clearly depicts the setting
draws attention from the busy background with Holden's red hat
Eaun Cook
Front cover: Scene where Holden hallucinates Allie
Back cover: the apartments Holden sees from his hotel room
Martin Lye
scene shows Holden waiting in the field of rye
no published covers depict this scene, despite its importance
Adrian Salmon
staring at the carousel, a symbol of childhood
shows a different aspect of Holden which contradicts what he acts like in the novel
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