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IS Presentation

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Carol Sze

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of IS Presentation

YouTube Everything= Musical instruments Let's Try! Music APPs Dance Conclusion hongkong how to utilize the trend to stimulate creativity.
More exposure to Art Photo Sharing Craze Maps the syllables of your speech
creating a unique rap turn your speech into a song Remix your life How they make a difference? Everybody could be musician Share the music all over the world Creating quality music
become simple Create a community Music on Internet Songify Autorap Madpad Magic Piano Piano players and experience
fun of playing piano Music everywhere Traditional + Modern
The era of Facebook, Twitter: Share photos instantly
Facebook is one of the LARGEST photo inventories
Users uploaded more than 20 Billions photos - created derivative work and satirize
- reproduced movie posters
- made fun Instagram Over 100 million users
Free, fun, and the simplest way to make and share photos
Filtered effect
Interactive: give feedback by ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’
Allow you to transform every moment of life into form of art Innovation on Art preservation How they link together?
consolidate the foundation of arts
stimulate creativity

How can IT help?
transform into new digital forms
arouse people’s interest Use of Derivative Work - discontent
- helpless
- channel to express anger "River of Wisdom" limited Hall places in HKUST - extracted a part from a movie
- added new subtitles
- informative and entertaining Weekend Hashtag Project A designated theme and hashtags chosen by Instagram's Community Team
Encourage participants to post creative photographs according to the designated theme ( Hitler cannot get a Hall place in HKUST) Draw Something - art apps
- draw, send, guess
- reached 20 million downloads within 5 weeks
of its launch #flyflyaway "River of Wisdom" Features
- Digital version
- Showing of ancient China

Use of IT
- Computer animation
- High resolution projectors
- Correction technology
- Computer transforming technology Top 10 Photo Posts

1) Airport message board
2) New phone
3) Self-portrait by bridesmaids
4) Concert tickets
5) Marathon
6) Home-made dishes
7) Self portrait (covering the face with a camera)
8) Medicine
9) Starbucks
10) Salmon sashimi 9 GAG - public ideas
- 'Just for fun!' MySpace "River of Wisdom" - More people can understand art creations
- Help preserve valuable original copies - established by
5 Hong Kong teenagers
in 2008
- recruit IT talent 9 Eyes “Kuso” culture Google Music Spotify Derivative Work Everyone Can Create Art Work By IT Snapshots from Google's Street View
Bizarre and unexpected moments Hong Kong Impact - Globalization:
view worldwide users’ photos

- Sparked an interest in photography for everyone

- Empowering Users:
capture moments as they happen right under
fingertips Remix your life Everything= Musical Instruments “Kuso” culture Mona Lisa Cloud music Illegal Basement Controversy IT
in Art Discover, connect and share Online platforms Tools of IT What makes it work? Why it works?
Everyone can take part
Sharing of thoughts
Remedy from stress Hitler: Make it simple, just tell me, do I have a hall place? social drawing and guessing game Interaction with audience Mutual learning 25 billion songs sold Everyone can be an artist iTunes Before Internet Twenty years ago Ten years ago
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