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Fair Use for Kids @ FNE

Kristen Fournier / Forest North Library / RRISD

Kristen Fournier

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Fair Use for Kids @ FNE

Please use passes & send students when Elizabeth is here!
(times listed on pass)

1. Find a partner (or two).
2. I will give you scenarios.
3. Discuss & decide if it's

These predictors of academic achievement as correlated to a school library program are completely independent of these other factors:
My Commitments
expenditures per student
teacher/student ratio
teacher experience
teacher salaries
adult educational attainment
racial/ethnic demographics
spontaneous gathering of resources (print or electronic)
spur-of-the moment activities
cursory planning (quick hallway conversation)
gathering of resources per teacher request
formal advance planning of an activity--teacher & librarian CO-TEACH!
librarian involved in all phases - planning to assessment
This is where the advances in student
achievement happen!
How do libraries impact student achievement?
Buzzeo, Tony. Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships 7-12. Santa Barbara: Linworth, 2002. Print.
Lance, Keith Curry. "What Research Tells Us About the Importance of School Libraries." White House Conference on School Libraries, Institute of Museum and Library Services. June 2002. Web. Accessed 2009 Oct 1.
Let's collaborate!
School Differences
Community Differences
I take full responsibility for teaching your students how to research effectively.
I am a teacher first.
What do teacher/librarian partnerships look like?
Fair Use @ FNE
& Library Expectations

Kristen Fournier, MSIS
interlibrary loans
library nights
Armadillo Reader's Choice Award
Bluebonnet Book Award
No "story times." I teach TEKS-based lessons.
research projects
online databases
note taking
citing your sources
evaluating online resources
synthesizing multiple resources
co-teaching library lessons
I need your help!
technology lessons
So how can we work together to help our students achieve more?
Library time is split evenly between grades, not K-2 focused.
I value technology and will demonstrate that through my teaching methodology.
You tell me what TEK you need me to teach to your kid- any TEK, period.
allow me to help you with intro, re-teach, review, extensions
jointly building strong relationships together with our students to further their success!
I've been there. Sometimes another teacher & another room can make a difference in learning & behavior!
Wake Up & Read
Google- friend or foe?
Please co-teach
our lessons!

Please actively help your students find
"Just Right" books.

Please do not schedule lessons when you have a sub
low SES students

library serving as venue for teacher-led activities
teachers volunteering for library programs
flexible lessons, fixed checkouts
fixed lessons & checkouts
Inclusive- I serve every student, every faculty member equally.
summary vs. main idea
book clubs
author studies
Wake Up & Read
Texas Bluebonnet Award Committee
7th grade ELA
3rd grade
flexible checkout in small groups
entirely flexible lesson schedule to help teachers get into the library at time of need - kids learn when it's relevant
FNE Teacher of the Year '12-'13
100% approval from kids' survey in '12-'13
99% approval from kids' survey in '13-'14

analyzing texts
test-taking strategies


parts of speech
author visits
grant writing

using heat maps to figure out which TEKS to hit hardest

weekly lessons discussed through e-mails between teacher and librarian
*now with teachers!
summer reading
Faculty Book Club:
all are welcome!

Jill's House

Please send books
down ahead of time .
Please remember this is my classroom- not a place to send kids for rewards or discipline.
5 years of fun!
What is Fair Use?
The law that states that brief excerpts of copyrighted material may be quoted verbatim for teaching (and a few other uses) without the need for permission from the copyright holder.

What does that mean?
Can I copy lessons from "Fundamentals"
on the copy machine?
Be a good Digital Citizen!
Kristen's Tip:
If you use published material, use less than 10% of it, and only for one lesson, one time. DO NOT post it online.
(poems, articles, blog posts)
If you use copyrighted material in your classroom, you are putting the district at risk for being sued.
But it's for the kids!
There is a little bit of leeway for educators, and it's called FAIR USE!

If you made it, you own it.
No one else can redistribute it or use it without your permission.





But it's so complicated,
& the law keeps changing...
(as of August 2014, even!)
Kristen's Tip:
If you or your students use music in their work, get it from a website that provides it for free or download the karaoke track.
Kristen's Tip:
If you or your students need photos for a digital project, do not just search Google Image!
Kristen's Tip:
If you want to show a video clip, use United Streaming.
If you have videos as part of your textbook adoption, only show a small clip.
Can my Librarian download a karaoke version of a song, record new lyrics on top, and post an amazing video of the new song to YouTube?
Can I search for a .pdf version of a Professional book
& email it out to the entire school to share?
Can I print out a cute poster I saw on Pinterest & post it in my classroom?
Can I make copies of a magazine article & give it to my team?
Can I use Google Image to find a picture for my website or lesson?
Can my students use popular songs in their presentations?
Can I make additional copies of the word sorts in "Words Their Way?"
Can I burn a copy of a software program so everyone on my team can use it?
Can I show "Frozen" to my students?
They were good all week!
Can I download from dafont.com to use in flyers and newsletters?
finding photos for your digital project
multiplication bee
Science Fair
media literacy
Science experiments
poetry slam
using the online catalog
How Do I Know if it's Fair?
There are 4 things to consider:
1. Purpose and Character of the Use
2.Nature of the Copyrighted Work
3.Amount and Substantiality
4.Economic Effect of the Use
Purpose and Character
Nature of the Work
Amount and Substantiality
Economic Effect
nonprofit ................... commercial
nonfiction ................... fiction
published ................... unpublished
small amount ................... large amount
not heart of the work ................... heart of the work
no economic effect ................... harming owner's potential gains
Kristen's Tip:
Do NOT show entire films in your classroom. It's against district policy...
& illegal anyway.
Kristen's Tip:
Be VERY careful with Pinterest. Always click to go back to the original maker, and see if they offer the materials freely.
Kristen's Tip:
Above all others, avoid copyright infringement with Disney.
Kristen's Tip:
Dafont.com has thousands of fonts that are free, as long as you don't use them for commercial purposes!
Smith, Ester G. 2006. Student Learning Through Wisconsin School Library Media Centers: Library Media Specialists Survey Report. Austin, TX: EGS Research and Consulting
Part I: Copyright & Fair Use
Part II: Library Expectations
Part III: Survey Feedback

Kristen's Tip:
Avoid teacherspayteachers.com. They are unable to profit from work they made while getting paid by their school district.
writing book reviews
Flexible Checkouts
"Students in better-staffed library programs scored as much as 17 percent higher on standardized reading tests compared to students in schools where library programs had less staff and fewer hours."
Building relationships is very important to me.
Ways to Improve in '14-'15
Thanks for your feedback!
1. Make sure each class gets equal time in library.
2. Less wait time between scheduling and having lesson.
3. Reevaluate having mentors in the library.
7 hours of school x 5 days a week = 35 hours weekly
3.75 Elizabeth hours daily x 5 days a week = 18.75 hours weekly
16.25 hours a week for lessons
29 classes on campus
60 minutes in an hour
975 minutes a week for lessons
33.6 minutes per week per class
one 30 minute lesson per class, per week
But what about checkout?
Flexible Lessons
Book Clubs
Managing Collection
Team Planning Meetings
Fixed Double Class
Weekly Checkout Times
(15 min. a week)
Flexible Small Group Checkout
(18.75 hours a week)
Interlibrary Loans
Other Changes:
Fournier's Friends
Library Leaders
Morning Broadcast meetings
Morning & after school Broadcast
1 crew at a time
5 crews at a time
3rd-5th Fournier's Friends
2nd-5th Library Leaders (1st in spring?)
Choosing Best Applicants overall
Choosing 2 Leaders per class
2 Book Clubs @ a time
More simultaneous Book Clubs
* When kids apply to be Library Leaders, only recommend your most dependable students. They work independently, and I cannot remind them (nor do I know!) when they all have to be back in class.
Year long commitment
Semester long commitment
Set a good example for your students.
Protect our school & district.
Right & fair thing to do.
Name 1 of the 9 ways for a prize!
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