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Health Triangle

No description

Jaden Young

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Health Triangle

Health Triangle By Jaden Young Physical Health Social Health Mental/Emotional Health Physical health is the way your body parts and systems work together and being able to handle the stresses of daily life Social Health is the ability to get along with others. Mental/Emotional health refers to your feelings about yourself, using your mind to develop thinking skills, how well you relate to people, and how well you meet day-to-day demands Get enough rest
Take a nap if you're low on sleep
Set a bedtime schedule
Record late night TV shows rather than staying up to watch them
Eat healthy foods
Eat enough without overeating
Walk home from school
Join a sports team
Find time to go to the gym
Exercise an hour each morning Don't overwork
Make time for friends and family
Make plans to go see a movie
Play catch with a sibling
Eat lunch with your friends
Plan a family game night
Send a text to a friend if your schedule is too full to talk face-to-face
Don't get so consumed with this side of the triangle that you forget the other two
Fix misunderstandings ASAP
Maintain harmony with those in your home and workplace/school Make time to read
Learn new things
Do things that exercise your mind, like brain teasers
Eliminate pessimism
Read a self-help book on positive thinking
Research ways to cope with stress
Take time to relax if things get overwhelming
Keep your brain sharp by doing new things
Engage in both left and right-brain activities
Counter negative thoughts with positive ones Examples Examples Examples A well balanced triangle signifies total health, which is the combination of physical, emotional/mental, and social well being. Health affects everything about a person. Some people tend to overly focus on the social side that they forget everything just to be with their friends or family. Others are too consumed with the other 2 sides of the triangle that they forget their relationships with others. A properly balanced triangle should include equal focus on each side. A Balanced Triangle
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