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Antigone Interpretations

No description

Yoseph Hamad

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Antigone Interpretations

Antigone Interpretations
Quote for this interpretation
"But Polyneices, killed as piteously, an interdict forbids that anyone should bury him or even mourn. He must be left unwept... That's what they say our good and noble Creon plans... Anyone who disobeys will pay no trifling penalty but die by stoning before the city walls". (p.192) This is said by Antigone
What does it mean to interpret something?
To interpret something is when you give an explanation of another persons work. Another word for it is meaning
7 Interpretations of Greek Plays
1 of the 7 Interpretations of Greek Plays is that life is basically tragic and full of suffering; even the innocent must suffer
Further Explanation
Antigone believed that her brother Polynieces deserved a proper burial but Creon thought the complete opposite. Antigone loved her family so much that she was willing to do anything to give her brother a beautiful burial. Though, Creon didn't want this to happen so he put her in a tomb to die. Antigone was finally going to be with her family again. She suffered for doing something amazing for her brother
2nd Interpretation of Greek Plays
The other interpretation I am going to explain is that resignation and dignity are essential; wisdom comes through suffering
By: Yoseph Hamad
Quote for a better understanding
"There's been a group of grumblers in this town: men who can hardly abide my rule who nod and whisper, chafing beneath my law, who are not in love with it at all. These are the ones, I'll warrant, who have suborned my guards with bribes". (p.203) This is said by Creon, ruler of Thebes
Additional information for 2nd Interpretation
Creon said that after he heard that someone did a proper burial for Polynieces. He was furious and then started to blame his guards. He believed that the people who didn't care for his laws bribed the guards. Creon doesn't trust anyone because he starts to lose his mind. The amount of power is going to his head and he loses respect from his son Haemon and his dignity
Thank you for watching the Interpretaions of Greek Plays in Antigone!
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