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Copy of Numicon Staff Training

No description

Alex Redwood

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Numicon Staff Training

Using Numicon
Bruner's Modes of Representation
Enactive: Hands on, real life experience.
Iconic: Ideas in context, shown in images.
Symbolic: Abstract ideas represented in code.
How did you feel when I told you what to do?

What was going on in your head when working out what I wanted you to do?

What did you need to know before you could do it? Prior learning!
Using Pattern

Numbers and the Number System


Kit 1
Levels 1 - 2b
Kit 2
Levels 2b - 3
Kit 3
KS2 and above
Numicon uses Symbolic Representation

we do no want to resrict children's concept images and the objective with Numicon is that within any child's conecept image for any particular number there will be
Numicon shapes and experiences with Numicon
A position on the Number line
A numeral
A word
Images using random arrangements for the number
Counting experiences
Every day life interpretations.

what is Numicon and how can it be used to help children learn about Numbers and the Number system?
Put the Numicon shapes in order from 1 to 10

Numicon is a visual resource that encourages children to learn from seeing, doing and exploits their strong sense of pattern.
Let's have a look at how we support children
Exploring Numicon
Exploring Numicon
Problem solving
Getting to know NUmicon shapes
Visual representation

How could I have enhanced this by
following the principles of Numicon?
Exploring Numicon
Encouraging children to
check their answers.
Problem Solving
Joining gaps in learning !
Numicon for IWB
Using the Software
Early addition
Oral number sentence

Develop addition/subratction using written methods adding symbols and vocabulary + - =
Checking answers and using inverse

Use of visual arm movements to
demostrate symbols
Visual progression of skills
Weight-Number Value
Learning about balance
Different ways of making 7
Using the IWB resources
Resources available on the school Server
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