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The History of Manon Rheaume

View the history of the first female to ever play in the NHL!

Sarah Crawford

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of The History of Manon Rheaume

Manon Rheaume
Manon Rheaume was born on February 24, 1972 in Lac Beauport Quebec, Canada
Was invited in 1992 to attend Tampa Bay Lightning training camp
Decided to play hockey at five years old
First girl to play in the International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament of Quebec at eleven years old
Played around Quebec Junior Hockey League for a couple of years (ECHL, WHL)
"I was able to impact young girls and show them that they can achieve their goals and dreams."-Manon Rheaume
In all, played in 7 different men's leagues between 1992-1997
GM was so impressed, wanted her to play in an NHL Exhibition game
September 23rd 1992 played in her first NHL game
Stopped 7 of the 9 shots she faced in the first period
The Manon Rheaume Foundation-2008
Gives back to the community and to the game of ice hockey
Her oldest son Dylan followed her footsteps and plays goaltender
Fun Fact
No woman has signed a contract with an NHL team since Rheaume did it 20 years ago
She still remains to be the only woman to play an NHL game today
Since Rheaume was so used to playing men's style her style changed
Women play with more skill, men play a more gritty style
Because of this, she was cut from the 1997 Women's Canadian Olympic team
Forced to improve her game, came back in 1998 Olympics
Played in the tournament and lost to USA but won silver medal and carried her team to the final round
After her career was asked to work for Mission Hockey
Titled head of global marketing in Women's Hockey
Designed women's hockey skates, became manager and apparel specialist, coached a girl's team in the Quebec Pee-Wee Tournament
"I just wanted to play. I didn't think about what it meant. Now I do."-Manon Rheaume
1991 first woman to play juniors hockey
1992 first NHL game played with Tampa Bay Lightning
1993 first woman to play a regular season game with the Knights
1994 played for the ECHL with Nashville and Knoxville
1997 kicked off Canadian Team
1998 Put back on Women's Canadian Team and wins silver medal with team
She officially took off in 1998-1999 season to have her child
She married roller hockey player Gerry St. Cyr
Officially retired from Women's Canadian team in 2000
Grew up as the middle child and has an older and younger brother
Older brother- Martin
Younger brother- Pascal
Pascal played in the NHL with teams:
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