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A Walk in the Desert

Day 1

Cory Wilkes

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of A Walk in the Desert

Inflected Endings
Main Idea and Details
Let’s Talk About It Wrap Up Your Day! A Walk in the Desert
Monday does a cactus need much water Grammar: Statements & Questions can an oak tree live in a very dry place Grammar: Statements & Questions A statement is a sentence that tells something. A statement ends with a period.
Some places are very dry. Grammar: Statements & Questions 1. talked about the desert

2. when can we go Read – Aloud:
Saguaro Cactus The main idea is the most important idea about the topic.
Details are small pieces of information in a selection that tell more about the main idea.
Good readers decide which ideas are most important as they react. Main Idea and Details water
eyes A Walk in the Desert Let’s Talk About
Exploration! train
bug talked hugged
talking hugging
dropped smiled
dropping smiling
excited dragging
exciting amazed
lifted danced
lifting A Walk in the Desert wiping
gliding bringing
spotted Word Reading Decide if the base word’s spelling will change when you add –ed or –ing. Inflected Endings thanks
shining Inflected Endings If a word has a short vowel, double the end consonant before adding –ed or –ing.
If a word has a sneaky e, drop the e before adding –ed or –ing. Inflected Endings: Rules like, liked, liking
The e was dropped before these endings were added.
This happens if a base word ends with e, and the ending starts with a vowel. Inflected Endings shop, shopped, shopping
The last consonant in shop, p, was doubled before the endings were added.
This happens in short-vowel words such as shop that end in just one consonant. Inflected Endings rained raining
What do you know about reading these words?
Today you’ll learn about words whose spelling changes before an ending is added. Inflected Endings precipitation pre-cip-i-ta-tion
Precipitation means any kind of rain, snow, hail, or other form of water that comes down from the clouds to the ground.
A desert area is dry because it gets very little precipitation.
Many kinds of trees that grow in forests need a lot of precipitation. precipitation land - form
A landform is the shape formed on land.
Landforms are things like hills, mountains, lakes, and deserts.
The landforms in Arizona include mountains and desert, as well as rivers. landform ar - id
Something that is arid is very, very dry.
Deserts are arid because they don’t get much rain.
The air in your house in the winter might be arid because the heat is on all the time. arid A Walk in the Desert
Monday new amazing words,
inflected endings – adding –ed and –ing,
main idea and details, and
statements and questions Today you will learn about: A Walk in the Desert
Monday What can we learn by exploring the desert?. 1. He dropped his books.
2. Who is dropping crumbs?
3. Are you talking too loud?
Betty talked to me at lunch.
I am excited to be at school today.
I think our play will be exciting.
Who lifted the heavy box?
Write each word you circled 2 times. Fill in the blank using a spelling word desert
coyote A Walk in the Desert
Oh, where do you live,
Lizard, owl, snake, and Hawk?
Oh, where do you live,
Mouse and Cactus?

In the arid desert land,
Where the ground is golden sand.
It’s a landform without precipatation Sing with Me landform a c i k l m p r s t Word Wall Words Spelling Words High Frequency Words Vocabulary Words Monday’s Fix-It A question is a sentence that asks something. A question ends with a question mark.
What can live in a very dry place? A statement and a question begin with a capital letter. It cannot live in a very dry place. it cannot live in a very dry place An oak tree needs plenty of water. an oak tree needs plenty of water Can an oak tree live in a very dry place? Where does a cactus live? where does a cactus live A cactus does not need much water. a cactus does not need much water Does a cactus need much water? Tomorrow we will read about taking a walk in the desert.
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