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Earth Day 2016

This is short, funny and informative presentation about 22nd of April - Earth Day and what every person can do celebrate it. The Music is the Earth Anthem by Abhay K. Enjoy!


on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Earth Day 2016

April 22
Earth Day?
Earth Day
Yes! Let me tell you its story...
After witnessing the ravages of the massive 1969
oil spill in Santa Barbara, California...
... and inspired by the student anti-war movement...
...and it worked!
Gaylord Nelson
Pete McCloskey
Denis Hayes
(national coordinator)
Together with the support of the national media, Peter McCloskey as co-chair and Denis Hayes and his 85-person staff, Gaylord Nelson announced the
national teach-in on the environment idea...
on April 22, 1970
20 million Americans
rallied coast-to-coast for a healthy, sustainable environment.
20 million
Thousands of colleges and universities
organized protests against the deterioration of the environment.
Groups that had been fighting against
oil spills
polluting factories
and power plants
raw sewage
toxic dumps and pesticides
loss of wilderness and extinction of wildlife
suddenly realized they share common values

first Earth Day

led to the creation of
...and the passage of the
Clean Air
Clean Water
, and
Endangered Species
In 1990 the

Earth Day

went global...

200 million people


141 countries

and bringing environmental issues onto the world stage.
You can
plant a tree
Awesome, thanks Dad!
There are many ways, let me see...
...Gaylord Nelson realized that
if he could infuse that energy
with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution,
it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.
April 27th (Arbor Day) is just around the corner and the Earth Day is a great opportunity to plant a tree as well!
swap out your light bulbs
Compact fluorescent light bulbs use less energy than regular old light bulbs to provide the same amount of light, and last up to ten times longer.
They also save money in energy costs - more than $30 in the lifetime of one bulb!
Check out your local nurseries and garden centers. They will be able to help you pick the right tree out and will give you planting advice.
Reduce, reuse and recycle
Buy as little as possible
and avoid items that come in lots of packaging.
Support local growers
and producers of food and products - these don't have to travel as far and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Take your drink container with you
, and don't use any disposable plates or cutlery.
Recycle all the things you do use for the day
or find other uses for things that you no longer use.
Carry a cloth bag
for carrying things in and recycle your plastic bags.
Use your bicycle or other forms of human powered transportation to commute to work or school and to run errands.
Ride your bike
Save the water
Just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime,

you can save up to more than 200 gallons a month
If your toilet has a leak, you could be wasting about 200 gallons of water every day.

That would be like flushing your toilet more than 50 times for no reason.
Washing your bike or car with a bucket and sponge instead of a hose saves a lot of water.

A hose can waste 6 gallons per minute if you leave it running

but using a bucket and sponge only uses a few gallons!
Music: Earth Day Anthem by Abhay K.
Open Full Screen
for best Experience
Mom, how do we
celebrate Earth Day?
Need more ideas?
Earth Day Network
Together we have reached more than
acts of green

(and counting)
Happy Earth Day!
Paulo Volkova
Luis Prado
Dan Hetteix

Earth Day Anthem by Abhay K.
Prezi Presentation by:
Aah! Raketa
This is short, funny and informative presentation about when 22nd of April was declared as Earth Day and what every person can do celebrate it. Enjoy!
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