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Apple's accounting information system

No description

fatima almurisi

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Apple's accounting information system

Apple's accounting information system
Accounting information system functionality
To improve the effective and efficiency of the company’s profit.
Collecting, processing and reporting data.
Improve the productivity’s quality.
Cost effective.
Competitive advantage.
Strengthen the company’s internal control.
Decision making and determining their goals.
Advantages of accounting system
Problems with the company's accounting system
Cost efficiency
Improving the company's accounting information system
A resent case occurred in July 2013 apples developer portal was hacked by Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish security researcher
Control system.
-Internal control
-External control.
Updating the anti virus.
Reporting any problem.
Apple Inc is an American multinational corporation, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wonzniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1st 1976 to develop and sell personal computers. On January 9th 2007 they moved into developing consumer electronics.
They use SAP software.
Why Apple Inc
Successful business
Accounting information system and internal control is at its best
Situation occurred
Situation might occur
Threats to accounting information
Security measures
As earlier mentioned, that we chose Apple as our targeted organization.
We elaborated about the accounting system Functionality within Apple.
How is Apple benefiting from it.
Finally, Problems facing Apple and ways to improve them.

To conclude:
SAP disadvantages
it holds that companies untill the expiry of the contract.
SAP advantages
reduce redundancy risk
help in developing a more efficient environment
solves barrier of languages and currency rates
help in gain more knowledge
SAP is one of the most well known software used by large corporates
provides package of various application like:
-enterprise resource planning
-asset management
-supply chain management
-financial and accounting services

SAP functionality within Apple Inc
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