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household robots

No description

Cora Selzer

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of household robots

What does it do? Obviously, from the name, Robomow mows. It cuts grass automatically. All a person has to do is set up the wire around the perimeter of the yard and sit back and watch Robomow do what it does best: mow. Bibliography http://robomows.com/

http://www.probotics.com/robomower/robomow-ral.htmgene Household Robots How does it work? The Robomow has one flexible joint, or degree of rotation. However, it does have wheels and rotating blades. Robomow is "taught" what to do by wires set up around the perimeter of the desired mowing area. Why does it work? Robomow uses two different ways to know where it is going. One: when it bumps into a stationary object of at least 6" tall, it simply changes direction. Two: the owner sets up a wire around the perimeter of the yard. This wire tells Robomow where its boundaries are. Robomow Robomow's underside: notice the blades. Those cut the grass, again, rather obviously. What are the advantages?
What are the disadvantages? An advantage would be that this wouldn't require human power. However, it would mow the desired area two or three times a week, so it would require 24/7 access to the yard. Despite these downers, this would be a good robot to have during hot, cold, rainy, or other bad-mowing days. What jobs or careers are created? Engineers
Factory workers
This would also give the buyer more time to work, so they could find a job. How could Robomow do more in the future? Robomow's height is adjustable, so it could trim bushes and small trees. It could also collect and bag leaves in the fall. Robomow could even be combined with a household robot, and make the robot a single machine. http://www.robomow.com/en-UK/support-uk/setup-videos/rl555-rl855-rl550-rl850-setup-a-operation/460-mowing-height-adjustment These are the blades. This is the wheel, and the one degree of freedom.
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