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The Pact

No description

Josh McClinton

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Pact

The Doctors
Sampson Davis

George Jenkins

Rameck Hunt

Main Themes

The Pact
By Drs. Sampson Davis, George
Jenkins and, Rameck Hunt.

From Newark, New Jersey.
Attended University High School
Raised around drugs, crime and, poverty.
Currently a certified Emergency Medicine Physician.
He was inspired with dentistry after learning about the instruments used by his dentist.
Influenced Sam and Rameck to sign up for the medical program.
Currently a dentist.
The Pact is about three African-American men who were all raised in Newark,
New Jersey. Sampson, George, and Rameck all befriend each other at University High School. George learns about a medical program at Seton Hall University and, he convinces Sampson and Rameck to join. At that moment, they made a Pact, to remain focused and dedicated to their future goals, no matter how many obstacles they faced.
Spent 2 weeks in jail for beating an old man for his gang initiation.
Sampson befriended him because of his intelligence.
Currently an Emergency Physician.
One of the main themes in The Pact is education. Without pushing themselves to their full ability and their strong will to succeed, they wouldn't be doctors today.
"Dedication, Determination and, Discipline are the key factors to your success." -Sampson Davis
Friendship is the most important theme in The Pact. Each of their successes was built off of their friendship. When one of them had problems, they would immediately drop what they were doing to come to their help. They were loyal to each other and loyal to the Pact.
Person vs. Society:
Sam, Rameck, and George try to disprove the premise that African-American males can't achieve academic success.
After reading The Pact, I felt very grateful for all the opportunities I have in my life. Sampson, Rameck and, George had limited opportunities, and they were willing to grasp any chance they got to rise above their circumstances.
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