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Bowen's Case Study: An Angel Investor with An Agenda

No description

Tang Bowen

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Bowen's Case Study: An Angel Investor with An Agenda

Bowen's Case Study: An Angel Investor with An Agenda
Outline of the presentation
Participants' perspectives
Daniel Hernandez
accept the investment

unstable economical context

cash flow problem

over expenditure
Experts' viewpoint
Individual reflection
side with
Merle D. Griff
Diana Correa


humanized center

adhere to the ideal and original principle

bright prospects
Herzlinger, R. & Munoz-Seca, B. 2011,

‘An angel investor with an agenda’,

Harvard Business Review, March, pp. 121- 126
The background and context of the case study

The main participants and their perspectives

The viewpoints of two experts

My individual reflections on the case
Diana Correa
(deputy director)
6 candidates , 35 info requests
market potential

own centers and operation

Victor Serna

Gloria Londono

day care center - treatment programs for disabled seniors and patients
T.Forcht Dagi
sides with
Daniel Hernandez

Main argument:
a heaven-sent opportunity

recessionary period

Gloria is inexperienced

Victor's intangibles
Merle D. Griff
sides with
Diana Correa

Main argument
other potential investor

same ideal

Victor's aggressive personality

comprehensive discussion
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