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SOP Sales Champion Program

No description

Nabil Toor

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of SOP Sales Champion Program

SOP Sales Champion Program
Training will be arranged by ABH/SM of concerned area
Weekly Meeting
Weekly coordination meeting between BDMs and courier will be conducted on every Monday in presence of ABH/SM. It will start at 02:00 PM. (Areas can conduct meeting on alternate dates if there delivery loads or some other issues on Monday)
Information Form
All couriers should be equipped with Customer information forms
Information on Form
Courier will fill all required information on form and will handover the filled forms to concern supervisor/assigned person, the assigned person is also responsible to get feed back from couriers regarding sales leads on daily basis.
Supervisor/Assigned person will handover all forms to coordinator before 18:00 hrs on daily basis.

Sales Lead
Coordinator will updates all information on sales lead portal and assigned lead to concern BDM
Sales Lead Portal for BDM
BDM will check Sales lead portal twice a day (Preferably at 09:00 and 17:00 hrs)
Each sales lead shall be responded within 02 working days
BDM will make call or arrange visit to customer and get more details and understating of business
BDM Activity on Portal
BDM will update reason of each matured/declined lead in portal and also explain it to the courier, for his future learning & to keep his motivation high
Sales Management System
After getting green signal regarding rates/term & conditions from customer, sales person update sales lead portal as matured, all details of Courier Lead will be moved on Sales Management System (Live Calculator) and BDM will update remaining information, calculate rates, print services agreement and handover to courier
Sign From Customer
Courier will be responsible to get it signed from concern signing authority and return back to BDM.
Signed by BDM and ABH/KAH
BDM will sign it and get endorsement of ABH/KAH/RDS on it and handover it to accounts department for further process
Accounts department will update rates accordingly and issue new account number
Information Form
BDM will issue welcome letter to customer and ensure to communicate customers with following information.
Account Number
Concern BDM Name, number and email id
Concern TO Name, number and email id
CS number and email id
Courier Name and number

Courier wise lead status shall be shared with team in town hall in the presence of RDO/RDS, so that good performer & poor performer could be identified
List of top three performers will be announced in the town hall in the presence of RDO/RD, to keep the momentum high
Refresher on sales training to courier and grooming of them is responsibility of SM/BDM and it should be on monthly basis
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