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compare and contrast muscular and skeletal system

No description

paige blazevic

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of compare and contrast muscular and skeletal system

compare and contrast muscular and skeletal system
skeletal is the bones in you body
muscular systen is you muscels
skeletal has 2 bone marrow 1 is red bloood maroow which carries bloood 2 is yellowbone marrow which carries fats
you have 206 bones in youre body
muscular system
there 3 types of muscels which is 1 is smooth 2 is skeletal 3 is cardiac
cardiac has to do which ypu hearit helps you pump blood threw youre body so you can stay alive !!!!
smooth muscels are the muscels are the one that you cant even controll @ all like youre eyes or youre blater even your BRAIN!!!!!
skeletal muscels they are the muscels tgat YOU controll only you controll these muscels like by walking even moving youre head
youre bones help ypu move they suuport there actually a doctor that makes you body relse all the cracks in you back neck and other things too
youre bone contist of bones teeth cartilage and joints too ! snallest bone that is in youre body is in youre ear thebiggest bone in youre body is you feamur which is in youre thigh
how do bones help youre body?
bones help ypure body by support and protects youre body whithout youre bones you cant even walk or go to the bathroom or eat so basicly whothout bones youre body you really cant even LIVE !! :( but we do have bones so nothig to worry about !! :)
cartilage and joints
cartilage is a jelly like stubbtance that fills in for bone
joint are conected to youre bones its like a conector to keep all youre body tpgther !!!
and were done !!
bones and muscels are very diffrrent bt the both help your body stay alive they help ypu in diffrent ways but its still cool how it helps you its kida like a suppport blanket :)) but its youre body
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