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Engineering for
FAVE Global SOLUTIONS,LLLC works with a group of German companies, to provide
engineering, scientific, technical and management solutions to public and private sector
clients. FAVE provides a variety products, specially engineering and testing services to
businesses and industries.
For more than 25 years METAX Kupplungs- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH has been a successful sealing partner for any number of industrial sectors. Our wide range of seals includes simple sealing elements as well as complex sealing systems for sophisticated applications. Our core competence is the selection, design and development of rotating sealing arrangements (mechanical seals, rotary joints or radial lip seal systems) adapted to the specific customer requirement as a single piece or for a series production. Our second range of products includes the delivery of all-steel membrane couplings as standard or special design for various cases of operation.
Mechanical seals
Lip seal systems
API Plans
With the right choice of design, material and operating mode, mechanical seals are the optimal component for reliable and durable sealing of rotating shafts employed in a wide variety of applications. Thereby the mentioned operating limits depend on the particular operating conditions.
All-steel membrane
Perfectly adapted lip seal systems are an alternative to mechanical seals, packings and standard lip seals.
By delivery of a complete system the user gets a ready-to-install solution. Compared to packages a maintenance-free sealing without leakage is achieved. In comparison with mechanical seals one dynamic sealing element means no movable O-rings, no sticking seal face, no springs and no locking device elements and therefore a reduction of possible failure causes.
No matter how carefully machine shafts are adjusted it is impossible to achieve perfect alignment. Our all-steel couplings ensure reliable compensation of related operating deviations and provide for a transfer of rotation from the drive to the operating machine which is
free of wear
stiff against torsion
KSD stands for top-quality products for use in sophisticated sealing applications in addition to standard and customer-specific seals. The high share of own product developments, most innovative manufacturing processes (laser welding, water-jet cutting, CNC machining) and investments into tomorrow’s technologies stand for the fact that KSD GmbH ranks among the leading manufacturers defining today’s state of the art sealing products.
 Tightness even in extreme
parameters: valves: 4000 bar, 750 ° C

 Tightness in highly viscous
and / or sticky media and / or abrasive: pumps: sludge mass pulp, sugar, etc.

 Tightness in complicated
sites: flanges: vibration, frequent changes of high temperature and / or pressure.

KSD has the certification for an enclosed system BAM Oxygen and British Standard for Fire Safety (valves)
AVA is the leading European wholesale supplier for industrial valves according to DIN and ASME standard. As an exclusive partner of manufacturers around the world for many years, we supply our customers in the chemicals, petrochemicals, Power industry sector and mechanical engineering industries with industrial valves at four sales and warehouse locations in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK , Venezuela, USA and Hungary.
Eisenmann Environmental Technology is a one-stop supplier with a comprehensive range of modern, efficient ecosolutions. Our mission is: "Engineering for efficient production". A key focus is therefore research and development, in order to create new, innovative production methods. Eisenmann is both a family-run business and a global partner. We are a recognized world leader in paint systems for plastic components, in weapons disposal plants, and in paint shops for the automotive industry. Our successful business strategy makes us a strong and innovative partner to our customers – today and tomorrow.
The goal of Eisenmann's Environmental Technology unit is to make production processes compatible with the needs of the environment. We offer a wide selection of made-to -measure solutions for your specific needs:

 Exhaust Air Treatment
 Waste Water Treatment
 Water Treatment
 Waste Disposal
 Reverse Osmosis
Kaeser Compressors offers a complete line of air system products including rotary screw compressors with the highly efficient Sigma Profile and the Sigma Control system, Mobilair portable compressors, Omega rotary lobe blowers, vacuum packages, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filters, condensate management systems and a variety of related products.
 Rotary Screw Compressors
 Compressed Air Treatment
 Compressed Air Piping
 Controllers
 Blowers
 Receiver Tanks
 Portable Compressors
 Vacuum Packages
 Reciprocating Compressors  Premium Fluids
 Used Equipment
 Parts
Complete system sizing and installation for:

 Compressors
 Blowers
 Dryers
 Filters
 Storage tanks
 Drains and condensate removal
 Flow controllers
 Multiple unit controls
 SmartPipe or other piping
 Air system energy studies and
performance simulations.
 Leak detection and tagging
We develop, design and produce heat exchangers:
AEL is just the right partner for you when it comes to customized standardized units or engineering special solutions. scope of know-how required for the manufacture of heat exchangers or pressure equipment.

The heat engineering equipment or installations produced by us comply with the most stringent national or international codes or standards, and are customized to satisfy any specific requirements of our customers in terms of workmanship or material.
 Our engineers master thermodynamic processes, strength calculations or vibration analysis.
 Our welding capabilities are permanently audited and expanded.
 We have long-standing experience in the processing and fulfillment of worldwide deliveries.
Industrial manufacturing equipment & engineering

 Oil supply systems for up to 4,000 liters / minute,
 Sealing oil systems,
 Water cooling equipment or systems,
 NOx skids,
 Pump skids or instrument racks,
 Natural gas packages,
 Surface condensers including condensate pump
unit and evacuation, and
 Packed gland steam condenser including
Our scope of performance includes:

 Thermodynamic designs,
 Structural analysis and design calculation,
 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD),
 Development and design (AutoCAD, 3D),
 Machining,
 Welding,\Assembly and installation,
 Quality inspections or tests,
 Documentation, and
 Worldwide shipment.
C.C Plaza Mayor, edif. 6 piso 2 oficina 222
Lechería, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.
+58 0281 281 8845 Cell: +58 0414 800 1213

+1 305 461 0934 Cell: +1 786 299 7209

Unter den Linden 34 D-35410 Hungen-Obbornhofen, Germany +phone: +49 176 6091 1996

The DEKRA seal
for safety and quality
Petropiar Facility
Efficient production
Static seals
 Stuffing-box packings /
 Packing systems
 Compact packings
 Cord packings

Special seals
 Flange seals / cover seals
 Standard flange seals
 Customer specific seals
 Bonnet and cover seals
 Tightening of flange bolts
and nuts
 Calculation of torques for
tightening and tensioning forces
 Hydraulic tensioning
 Tensioning by use of the bolt
tensioning system
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