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brooke smith

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of brooke smith

Causes of World War I
By: Brooke Smith

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
* June 28, 1914- Serbian nationalist attacked "killed" Archduke Franz Ferdinand

* Gavrilo Princip was from Sarajevo, Bosina
* Archduke Franz Ferdinand was from Austra-Hunger
* Tension started between people in Sarajevo and Austria-Hunger but they had alliances so it was a even bigger deal then before

* All these events lead up yo the start of the war
* Became more then a regional conflict due to the other alliances
* Country building empires by imposing political and economic control over people around the world
*European nations fought for territory and trade in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific
*England and France were upset that Germany was expanding overseas
*Imperialism helped all nations build up there military
* Nationalism is pride in ones country
* Europe wanted to break away from Austria-Hungary
Alliance Systems
* Tension was high in Europe
* Conflict between two powers would quickly involve other
* Germany had an alliance with Austria- Hungary
* Russia, Britain, and France would come to ones aid if needed
Road to World War I
* Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- Hungary is assented by a Serbian nationalist
June 28
July 28
*Austria- Hungary declares war on Serbia
July 31
*Russia mobilizes its arm forces
August 1
* Germany declares war on Russia
August 3
* Germany declares war on France
August 4
* Germany invades neutral Belgium
* Great Britain declares war on Germany

Prentice Hall American History of our Nation: Civil War to the Present
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