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Cal-PCA infomercial

The California Contracting and Procurement Academy

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Transcript of Cal-PCA infomercial


Parking costs $15.00/day.


Attendance will be taken by Cal-PCA staff
River Walk Exit

If you leave through the glass doors in the rear of the building, you must have a badge to come back in through those doors.

Be prepared to come around to the front of the building in order to enter back into the building.

Wireless Devices


Walk-In Students

California Procurement & Contracting Academy

Exit the training room through the appropriate door (as designated by the Cal-PCA instructor)
Exit the building through the back emergency exit.
Head to the River Walk and assemble around the sign with the #2 on it.
The instructor will take roll.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures


Restroom Locations
Please turn off your wireless devices.
phone calls or texting during class.
Breaks & lunchtime are for phone calls and text messages.
food/eating in classroom.
have a water-tight lid,
open containers allowed.
Please clean-up after yourselves.
Open the SRP on your desktop (upper left corner).
Type your name on slide #1.
Click X (close button) on upper right corner.
Click YES to save changes.
Reopen your newly saved SRP.
Go to www.training.dgs.ca.gov.
Click on Log In.
Log in using your system assigned username & password.
Don’t know your password? Click on Forgot Password to receive your username and password.
Don’t know your username? Email calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov.
Click on Edit User Profile.
Make all necessary changes to your profile information.
Click on Submit Form.
Exit door turn right, turn left into the atrium, go through the atrium, turn left into the restroom area.
Please PRINT your name on the walk-in sheet located on door # 1
Please take a seat at the side table until your name is called.
Molinda Zinda
Eric Zimmerman
Joseph Watkins
Current Cal-PCA Classes
Basic Acquisitions Certification Program
Commercially Useful Function
Contract Management
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Workshop
Evaluation Criteria Workshop
Leveraged Procurement Agreements Workshop
Non-Competitive Bids Workshop
Acquisitions Under $5,000 Workshop
Services Contracting Workshop
Small Business/DVBE Workshop
Statement of Work Workshop
Walk-Ins/Substitutes please submit Same-Day Registration form.
1st Floor Break Room # 1-471.
River View Cafe, 1st floor.
Golden One ATM outside River Cafe.

No in/out privileges.
Contract Management Webinar
SB/DVBE Option Webinar
Robert "Mac" MacDonald
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