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Hollywood's Influence on Global Culture

No description

Renata Herdzik

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Hollywood's Influence on Global Culture

Hollywood's Influence on Global Culture
1. Case summary
2. Hollywood's effect on global culture
3. U.S. culture portrayal in Hollywood
4. Positive effects of Hollywood movies
5. Movie's influence on business
6. Foreign films as a learning tool
7. Conclusion
Case Summary - Key Issues
US dominance in international film industry
Americanization of global values and beliefs
Biased depiction of global cultures and people
Reinforcing negative stereotypes
American studios make up 2/3 films viewed internationally
Biased accounts of history (war movies)
Recommendations & Conclusion
How do you feel about this?
Case Summary Continued
Comparative advantage - applies to film?
Understand influence on national culture & social development
Cultural protectionism
Subsidies, quotas
Making movies multinational
Power of the internet
Cavusgil, S. T., Knight, G., & Riesenberger, J. R. (2014). International Business The New Realities: Third Edition. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education Inc.
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Mandell, Z. (2013 , July 9). Does Hollywood Accurately Portray the Publics Opinion on War and Torture. Retrieved from World Issues 360: http://www.worldissues360.com/index.php/does-hollywood-accurately-portray-the-publics-opinion-on-war-and-torture-401/
Pennisi, E. (2013, August 4). The Entertainment Industry's Contribution to Globalization. Retrieved from Global Edge: http://globaledge.msu.edu/blog/post/1476/the-entertainment-industry-s-contribution-to-globalization
Redfern, R. (2013, July 16). 3 Countries With Booming Movie Industries, That Are Not the U.S. Retrieved from Policy Mic: http://www.policymic.com/articles/54609/3-countries-with-booming-movie-industries-that-are-not-the-u-s

Thank you!
By: Renata Herdzik, Lequyen Nguyen and Bailey Wollin
Hollywood Movie's Influence on International Business
Culture plays a key role in business
Cross-cultural risk
Service sector
Sales and Product Development

How does Hollywood depict other cultures?
Do Hollywood movies affect national culture outside of the U.S.?
Many believe that they do.
Generalizations that may or may not be factual and often overlook real, deeper differences (Cavusgil, Knight, & Riesenberger, 2014).

Good or bad for society?
Culture is not inherited – It derives from the social environment (which includes mass media). We are not born with a shared set of values and beliefs; we acquire them as we grow up (Cavusgil, Knight, & Riesenberger, 2014).
What aspects of U.S. culture do Hollywood films promote around the world?
The "American Dream"
War Heroes
White men
Do Hollywood movies have any positive effects on world culture?
Spread of information
Tolerance for ambiguity
Valuing personal relationships
Flexibility and adaptability

Geocentric orientation: A global mindset in which the manager is able to understand a business or market without regard to national boundaries.
(Cavusgil, Knight, & Riesenberger, 2014)
Cultural Protectionism?
Quotas too restricting
Take with a grain of salt
Do your research!
(Cavusgil, Knight, & Riesenberger, 2014)
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