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No description

Gian Maria Paradisi

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Magic


Archaic language: believe

Effective: context of other actions

Achieves the stated goal
Magical Religions
What's Magic
Implement of the principles
Access to magical power and influence the universe

Link magical rituals to the world.

Archaic words: purity of a religious golden age (Hebrew)

Violate the primary function of language: communication
Haitian Vodou
French slave colony of Saint-Domingue

No central authority


spells: healing, protection, fertility, banish negative influences

Air, Water, Fire and Earth

Two Gods: Male God (Sun) and the Female (Moon)
White Magic
prehistoric shaman magic:
Good and selfless purposes

feminine concepts: Mother goddess, nature spirits...

curing illness or injury, divining the future or interpreting dreams, finding lost items, appeasing spirits, controlling weather or harvest and generating good luck or well-being
Principle of similarity

Result follows an action then action was responsible

Same result expected

Rooster and the sunrise

Control the action = control result

Principle of contagion
eternal influence
Contact between objects:

Adoption: American Indians symbolically represent the birth
Eye Of Providence



Circled dot
Evil and wisdom
Spoken, written or physical

Contagious (direct contact) X Sympathetic (resemble)
Summoning of spirits/dead
Psychological X Illusionary
Mind X manifestations

Rituals consist in offerings to Bondye and Loa, creation of personal altars with elaborate music and dance

The soul is formed by the Big (basic functions) and the Little (personality) good angles
Values: Love, family, generosity

A person must have a relationship of any kind with the elders to be part of vodou

A person's spirit is trapped in water when dead for a whole year. After that periodn there's a ceremony in which the person is freed and may live again
Emotive, converts words into symbols for emotions X
Words tied to specific meanings
Actions to work magic
Association of ideas
mysterious forces or powers that govern the world and the lives of those who reside within it, but also a range of artistic forms that function in conjunction with these vodoun energies
Tie the soul to an object
Traditions: own organizational structure
Influence the world

Personal spiritual growth

Earliest human cultures: religion and medicine
Describe or discredit
Tarot, cartomancy
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