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Wells Back to School Night

No description

Mr. Wells Class

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Wells Back to School Night

Back to School
with Mr. Wells

PVPUSD District Goal

Begin to implement the Common Core State Standards
while continuing to foster critical thinking,
collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

CCSS Shifts
The 4C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Focus-Narrow and deepen the scope of instruction
Coherence-Build skills within and across grades
Fluency-Develop speed and accuracy with simple calculations
Deep Understanding-Operate and understand math concepts before moving on
Application-Use math in the real world
Dual Intensity-Balance between practicing and understanding

Balancing Informational and Literary Text-Read as much non- fiction as fiction
Building Knowledge in the Disciplines-Learn about the world by reading
Complexity-Read more challenging material closely
Text-Based Answers-Discuss reading using evidence
Writing from Sources-Write non-fiction using evidence
Increase Academic Vocabulary
BS Cal State Fullerton
M.A.Ed. (Technology) Cal Baptist
Teaching since 1988
K-12 experience
Provide students academic and social skills necessary to thrive in Middle School.
Present a supportive and creative classroom environment.
Help students make new friends and discover new interests.
Help students become independent learners and build a strong work ethic.
Parent Helpers MUST have a current TB Skin Test
Please provide a written note for all absences.
Independent studies available for students missing 5+ days.
Student Pickup at Back Gate.
Teaching to the
of your child
Common Sense
Problem Solving
Class Schedule
8:30-8:40 Prepare for the day
8:40-9:50 Math -w- Mr. Wells
9:50-10:40 Science/Social Studies
10:40-11:00 Recess
11:00-11:40 S.S./Sci. -w- Mr. Wells
11:40-12:20 cont. Sci. and S.S., Study Skills, &
Language Arts -w- Mr. Wells
12:20 - 1:05 Lunch
1:05 - 2:40 Language Arts/Writing (Rm 18)
2:40 - 3:00 Wrap it up, Dismissal
PE TU @ 11:40-12:20 & TH 9:55-10.35
Library TU @ 10:00-10:45
Music TH @ 11:05-11:55
Garden Wed. @ 11:20-12:20
Rules to Live by:
Be respectful and responsible.
Be organized and follow directions.
Be on time.
Be prepared.
See our Successful Learning Behaviors

Missed Game Time
Letter Home
Learning Center
Please use the agendas to communicate with all 5th grade teachers. Read them at least once a week

Student Council
Nature Garden
Outdoor Science School
Classroom Jobs
Science Fair (March?)
State Fair ( Jan. ?)
Family Events
Students Getting Involved:
Students Taking Charge
Contact Mr. Wells
310.378.5228 x216
Successful Learning Behaviors (SLB)
Complete Classwork and
Homework on Time
Organization Skills
Follow Class and School Rules
Listen Attentively and Follow Directions
Work Cooperatively and Independently
Practice Self control
Work Neatly
Parents Getting Involved
Sign-Up sheets can be found at the back table.
Science Labs
Computer Lab
Class Historian
Supplies (see wish list on EDLINE)
... But First
A Word from
our Room Moms
Small Group
Whole Class
20th Century Learning
Note: Report Cards are Changing
As always I will be teaching to the heart of the child as I maintain the rich values our great nation was build upon.
note: homework should be between 150-300 minutes a week.
Be sure to sign up for conferences
(TU Dec. 2~TH 4th)
See shelves under windows and don't for get to take a reminder slip.
You are and always will be the parent,
let me be a resource in helping your child live up to his/her full potential.
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