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King Tut is the BOMB !!!

No description

laura dowdy

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of King Tut is the BOMB !!!

King Tut
Watch this video and you will be amazed!!! BEWARE IT'S CREEPY AND LOUD!!!!
Video Of King Tut
This is king tut's antechamber!!!
In king tut's antechamber there are awesome treasures!! There are precious
The Amazing Antechamber!!!
King Tut is the BOMB !!!
This paper is going to be on King Tut. Hope you like it!!!
this is some anchent art most of then tell storys.
hello pictures
King Tut's Death mask
King tuts death mask was not fit for him. It was his stepmothers mask. The front of the mask was taken off and repainted to be fit for him. It was his stepmothers mask because of its form and shape. So does this tell us that his mummification was rushed?
This is a picture of king tut and the
By: Brittany & Alex
This is King Tut in his death mask.In his hands he has the crook and flail. The crook and flail is a sign of
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