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Ojibwe Migration Story

By: Madalyn McGarry and Sloane Shimek

Madalyn McGarry

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Ojibwe Migration Story

The Turtle Shaped Island
This was their first stop
It was right in front of Montreal Canada
Today it is called the Ottawa River
Was their second destination
Is now located in what we call New York (Big Apple)
The people stayed here for some time practicing the sacred ways of Midewiwin
Manitoulin island
This was their fourth landing place
It is on the top or Lake Huron
It belongs to Canada
Its largest city is Little Current
As of 2012 its population is 12,600
The Detroit River
This was their third stop
It was located in Detroit, Michigan
They went their after 1500BC but Before 900AD
Thank you!

Have you ever wondered where the Ojibwe went when they migrated? Well, we will tell you. We are going to tell you about all seven stops that they stopped at and what they did at the seven stops.
This presentation has been about the seven stops of the Ojibwe, about the seven stops and some of the things they did at the seven stops.
The Ojibwe Migration Story

This is their fifth stop
From Manitoulin Island they moved west
They stopped at a place called Baw- wa-ting, later called Sault Ste. Marie by the French
It was here that the large group split into two, one group heading south around Lake Superior and the other heading north around Lake Superior
By: Sloane Shimek and Madalyn McGarry
(Niagra Falls)
Sault Ste. Marie
Spirit Island
This was there sixth stop
The southern group made there way all the way to the western end of Gitchi- Gami, of Lake Superior near present day Duluth, MN
This place was where the Ojibwe first prophesized the food that could grow on water, wild rice
Madeline Island
This was the seventh and last stopping place
The northern group caught up with the southern group at spirit island and brought word of yet another turtle shaped island
This island was called Madeline Island
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