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Virtual Field trip - Enchanted Rock

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition - MS TQG 2012

Jason Barber

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Virtual Field trip - Enchanted Rock

Virtual Field trip
Enchanted Rock
Pink granite pluton rock formation
Part of the Llano Uplift in the Edwards Plateau
Formed about 1 billion years ago
Opened as a State Natural Area in 1984
Seeing Science
at Enchanted Rock
Ecology, Biology, Geology
Weathering and Erosion
Ecological Succession
and so much more!
What is Weathering and Erosion?
Evidence of
Physical and Chemical
Acid Rain
Weathering is the gradual wearing down of a geological formation due to physical or chemical changes to the surface of rocks.
Erosion occurs when the rock or soil of Earth’s surface is moved to another location by the flow of water, ice or wind, as well as the constant pull of gravity.
Water, Wind, Glaciers and Gravity
What happens next?
Process that occurs as sediment, which is created by weathering and then moved by erosion, settles in a different location.
Weathering and Erosion
is all around us!
For more information visit
Science Fusion (Unit 8: Lesson 3)
or www.abileneisd.org/mr.barber
Weathering and Erosion
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