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The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tiler (Act 1)

this is an interesting play script.My favorite characters are Tyke and Danny

Nimra Jalal

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tiler (Act 1)

scene 1,2,3:
In this act Danny steals a ten pound note from miss bonfire and shows it to Tyke.Tyke gets angry and tell him to put it back.Danny says that she should put it back,Tyke trys to hide it somewhere while he was in the corridor mrs sommers comes in the corridor and asks her to move.She goes in the store room and sees Mr walters picture she hides it over there Mrs.bonfire complain to the head that her ten pound note ic missing scene4,5,6: the head says that they will be checking the students desks,coats,bags and pocket and no one will leave until checked.Tyke asks her dad that will a teacher be upset to loose her money,dad says yes and asks her to go to bed.When tyke goes to school the ten pond note was missing and so was the painting!!!!!! Danny shows Tyke a huge bone for her dog tyke tells Danny that the tenner he stole was missing Danny was blankand didn't know what this will mean.Tyke was looking around and suddenly he notices the picture it was the same picture tyke hide the tenner behind!!!!!she tells danny that the moved the picture they must have found the note.Danny fatty out of tyke's pocket and put it in the hair of linda the from linda to another child nine pupils jumped and the mouse went forward.They all started runing the head calms them down he asks the owner of the mouse an tyke to come in his office. The head is standing in front of tyke and asks her that has she seen this note before he says he didn't steal it he says give the answer of my question.danny comes in the room and says that it was his mouse thinking that the head is asking about the mouse the head is even more angry.Danny tells scene 8 the head that he stole money the head dose not call the police but he sends notes to their houses tyke is singing silly songs out side the heads room.Mrs.somers comes there and insults Tyke.She asks that what is that horrid object you must not bring ch things to school and she leaves.Danny comes running and tells Tyke that Mrs bonfire wasn't cross at all and she asked him for tea at her house tyke says "That's great,that is .you steal ten pound and get a cream tea.Waht do I get?detention and writing lines for Mrs.Somers,old rat bag". scene 9
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