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Decoding Writing Prompts

James Asbury

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of RUPR

. RUPR – What is it?
Why is it important?
How can I use it? . Plan how to answer all that the prompt is asking you. P=Plan Reread the Reread R=Read Read the prompt!
This means all of the prompt, not just part of it. U=Underline Underline what the prompt is asking you to do. Imagine you woke up with a super power. What would your power be? Would you help others, if so how? If you would not help others, what would you do with your new power? Write a brief story about your first day with this new power. RUPR is a decoding strategy to help you in your writing.

By following four simple steps you can better understand what a writing prompt is asking you to do and how to make a plan of attack to achieve your best. 1 R=Reread Reread the prompt again and check planning What is the first step in RUPR? Why is it important to read the whole prompt? What is step 2 in RUPR? What's the point of underlining? What is step 3 in RUPR? Why should you plan? What is step 4 in RUPR? Why is step 4 necessary? Who is the best principal on earth? Think like a champion!
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